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Reduced fat chocolate using electricity

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Here’s what had us buzzing this week from the geniuses behind these electric creations.

Mmm…chocolate. But this one is healthier thanks to a surge of electricity.

“New research suggests that chocolate may be able to contain much less fat with the help of a little electricity. This would allow candy companies to offer their most prized treats to people who may not previously have indulged themselves in the tasty treats either due to nutrition concerns or because of health-related dietary restrictions.

“Researchers ran liquid chocolate through an electric field, making it flow far more easily. When the chocolate can flow easily on its own, less fat is required to hold it together and give it the sturdy design that so many of us have come to love. The industry has long searched for ways to cut the fat out of chocolate, making it more accessible to all types of people, including those with health conditions where fat is extremely limited. This newest approach was described on Monday at the Temple University of Philadelphia by researchers within the study.

“Researcher Rongjia Tao says he was not able to taste any difference between the standard chocolate and pieces that were electrically manipulated. Others in the lab tasted a difference, saying they preferred the chocolate that was treated with the new method, as its flavor was improved.” – Science News Journal

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New battery tech: Using gravity to power devices

“It’s the same old story: batteries are holding us back. Technology is advancing so quickly across so many industries, but the next-generation batteries needed to power all of these advancements more efficiently are nowhere to be found. Researchers are hard at work on improving existing battery tech though, and they’re also developing exciting new kinds of batteries that could someday proliferate. Now, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology think they may be on an exciting path toward building a new type of liquid battery that uses gravity to generate energy.

“The new design…completely eliminates the need for complicated pump systems. Instead, it uses a simple gravity feed to move the slurry down a narrow channel and generate energy. What’s more, the rate of energy produced by this new type of liquid flow battery can be increased or decreased simply by adjusting the angle of the battery, which will either speed or slow the flow rate.” – BGR

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3D printing of human tissue using your own stem cells

“Scientists at the University of Bristol have developed a new kind of bio-ink. This discovery could allow the production of complex tissues for surgical implants. The new stem cell-containing bio-ink allows 3D printing of a living tissue, also known as bioprinting.

“The formulation of bio-ink was prepared for use with a retrofitted benchtop 3D printer, as it converts from a liquid to gel state at exactly 37°C (98.6°F). This allows for a complex assembly of living 3D structures.

“Findings could lead to the ability to print complex tissues using a patient’s own stem cells.  One of the application could be to print surgical bones and cartilage implants, which could one day be used as replacements in knee and hip surgeries.” – Science News Journal

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