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The top high-end digital schwag for 2019

Stand out in the minds of your customers with the year’s coolest tech giveaways.

Finding the right promo product for your business can make all the difference for a successful trade show or a product demo. After all, eight out of 10 of us have between one and 10 promo products, and while these range from useless trinkets to vital items, there’s no doubt we love to get our hands on free schwag.

In these digital-first times, there are some items that will be much more sought after — and these could make a big splash for your brand. Here are some of the top selections of high-end digital schwag ideas that will help you make a lasting impression with your new network this year.

1. Wireless earphones

high-end digital schwag

One of the best things about schwag bags and giveaway products is when customers associate positive value with your brand. Universally adored items such as wireless Bluetooth headphones may cost you more than the average pen but will go a long way in ensuring you stand out from the crowd. Since headphones are a staple for everyday life — whether travelling, in the office or for personal time — offering the branded wireless variety could be a showstopper

2. Wearable tech

high-end digital schwag

Smart gear is here to stay. Though some, like Fitbits and smartwatches, are more likely to stick around than others (ie. smartglasses). In any case, they’ve made an impression with people around the globe at different conferences and exhibits. These run a fairly significant price so you’ll want to keep them for VIPs. But of course, they can be customized and will be highly valued.

3. Instant Photos

high-end digital schwag

Give a little bit of extra novelty with some retro chic schwag. A Polaroid-style digital camera can now be added to your schwag inventory for a relatively inexpensive price. Not only can it expand your network with booth traffic and Insta-opportunities, but it also allows customers to continually interact with your brand after the event. Not a bad thing to have for a consumer-based business.

4. Sustainability goods

high-end digital schwag

Healthy and environmentally friendly options are a win for the socially conscious individual. Much of the world is trending this way, whether with electric cars or shared commuting, but also in the ways we consume with sustainable beverages and food. With that in mind, a smart water bottle can keep your network hydrated while helping reduce single-use plastic consumption. You can also integrate these bottles with digital devices or your Fitbit, encouraging people to track their fluid intake and monitor their progress.

5. Charging gear

high-end digital schwag

The more technology advances, the more devices we seem to have in our hands. All that usage means batteries are working overtime. Providing branded charging gear for your customers’ devices, such as a simple charging cable, a new wireless charging station or a high capacity battery pack will be another crowd pleaser. You can even find chargers that go the next level with reminders and battery monitors. In this digital-first era, it’s true that some schwag will never go out of style.


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Michael Badejo

Michael Badejo is a communications professional and entrepreneur based out of Winnipeg. His diverse body of work has appeared in Canadian and international outlets covering technology, transportation, commerce and more. When he’s not writing, he’s running his boutique communications shop or finding out the latest in current events and technology.

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