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Digital-driven skills to stand out and win clients

Five tips to ensure you rule your digital domain.

It’s never a bad idea to evaluate your business or professional life for areas of potential improvement.

Whether you’re an agency or a freelancer, we’ve gathered five useful digital-driven skills you can start brushing up on today to give yourself a leg up on the competition.

1. Be analytics-driven

Digital-driven skills to stand out and win clients

Data, data, data. We keep hearing about how important it is — and for good reason.

Executing campaigns for clients is one thing, but the ability to understand key performance metrics, take insights from that data and optimize accordingly is another thing entirely.

It’s no longer enough to throw an organic post out into cyberspace and be done with it. You must be agile and results-driven in your approach, with a relentless focus on return on investment.

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2. Be adaptable

Digital-driven skills to stand out and win clients

Technology is constantly evolving. How agile are you in adapting your processes and what you offer to always stay ahead of the curve?

This could be as simple as implementing automated reporting, so your client receives a “week at a glance” review on Fridays right to their inbox, or something much more complex like an augmented reality campaign.

Anything you can offer that your competitors don’t, when done effectively, will make you stand out.

3. Be versatile

Digital-driven skills to stand out and win clients

While there’s something to be said about honing your craft, there’s also value in being able to offer a well-rounded set of services to clients.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that if you’re a digital marketer you also have to be a graphic designer or photographer. It simply means that you should put yourself in your clients’ shoes, figure out what they might be looking for when deciding who to hire, and be resourceful.

Stretch your offerings beyond specific social platforms and offer assistance working on both the organic and paid sides of social media. Consider adding the required resources (skills, time and people) to provide a designed ad or contest image when needed.

It’s always a bonus if you can offer these services in-house. If not though, there are many ways to outsource work where you need to, whether it’s within your own network or using websites like Just be careful to properly interview and vet any outsourced work before getting too involved.

Remember, anything you can do to make it easy for your client to get what they need — and prevent them from taking their business elsewhere — is always the smart way to go.

4. Get certified

Digital-driven skills to stand out and win clients

Online certifications are much more widely available to digital marketers than ever before. While it may seem like a small detail, becoming certified in the areas you specialize in, especially when trying to sell your services, is one of the best things you can do for your professional development.

Certifications provide you with a tangible way of saying, ‘I’m an expert in my field, and you can trust me.’ They also equip you with a wealth of invaluable knowledge you’ll gain by getting there.

Platforms like Google, Facebook, HubSpot and Hootsuite all offer certification programs, which are well worth the time and (minimal) financial investment.

5. The nitty-gritty

Digital-driven skills to stand out and win clients

So you’ve got a good grip on key performance metrics. Now it’s time to understand what those metrics actually mean in the big picture.

Ask yourself these three questions first:

  1. What is the conversion (i.e. the action you want your target audience to take as a result of this marketing campaign or tactic)?
  2. What is that conversion worth to your business in dollar figures?
  3. What are you willing to invest to promote this conversion?

For example, if an online campaign that you recently ran directly correlated to an increase in sales, that’s a clear indicator of success. Start going beyond vanity metrics and dig deep.


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Stefanie Cutrona

Stefanie Cutrona is an online marketer, corporate videographer and writer who's worked with a number of clients across Canada, including Vancouver and Calgary. She holds a diploma in Creative Communications from Red River College and has worked in various online marketing roles over the years, specializing in paid online advertising. She is passionate about the digital world and loves everything music, travel and the arts.

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