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7 habits of self-made millionaires….that you can start doing today

Try this little mind game the next time you’re feeling stuck or hopeless — if Gary Vaynerchuck or Tony Robbins were given the exact same set of circumstances and limitations as you’re currently facing, do you think they would make it through to success?

If you’ve ever read the story of a successful entrepreneur — someone like Richard Branson, Sara Blakely or Oprah Winfrey — and thought you too could make decisions like them if only you had their time, money and resources, you’ve missed a crucial element of the journey.

Successful people are no more or less “lucky” than you or me. They just frame their challenges differently.

So here are seven habits of successful individuals, along with some helpful hints to get you practicing these behaviours today.

1. They create their own luck

Richard Wiseman, a psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire, says luck is a skill. People who seem to be luckier in life are actually just better at spotting opportunities.

When things don’t go their way, they don’t wallow in their situation. Instead, they look around for unlikely solutions. They embrace serendipity. They’re more open to chance opportunities even if it’s not what they originally planned.

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2. They don’t waste time saying “if only” 

Many people never realize their dreams because they’re afraid to try. Successful people are willing to take risks because they can always imagine a bigger and better future.

They manifest their own success by envisioning it and working hard towards it. The best way to get people on-board with an idea is to illustrate it.

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3. They go from grit to great

You don’t have to be a genius to succeed. According to the author of From Grit To Great, Linda Thaler, “You don’t have to be born with unbelievable talent. 98 per cent of really great people have, not the ‘it’ factor, but the ‘grit’ factor.”

Too many people stop themselves because they’re not smart enough, experienced enough or confident enough. They say they don’t have charisma. But what they don’t realize is successful people aren’t necessarily better than everyone else. They’re just more resilient.

Successful people are so driven by their pursuit of excellence that they don’t let setbacks weigh them down. Instead, they focus on the bigger picture and keep moving forward.

4. They know how to forgive even without an apology

To be clear, this doesn’t mean forgetting. Being able to forgive means acknowledging the truth, learning from it and letting it go.

Successful individuals know how to pick their battles because grudges only hold them back. By freeing themselves from negative emotions, they are empowered to do more important things.

5. They balance independent thinking with great teamwork

Business athletes train themselves to be star players, but they don’t try to take on all the work. Instead, they collaborate with other people’s strengths, recognizing they can do more together.

6. They know how to turn rejection into relationship

Sometimes when you try to make a connection, especially with influencers, you may be ignored. Most big-time bloggers, producers and journalists receive hundreds of emails per day.

People with high emotional quotient don’t take rejection (or perceived rejection) personally. Instead, they learn to build rapport with the other person and grow their own circle of influence.

7. They value failure as much as success

Nobody wants an ‘F’ on their report card. We know what people all too often think of students like that. They’re sometimes called horrible names like, “stupid, worthless or lazy.”

So many people develop a crippling fear of failure because of this. But the truth is most successful people experience failure, too. They just bounce back faster.

Richard Branson once said, “Successful people start before they feel ready.” He dropped out of school at 16, started his own business and later became one of the richest people in the world. Yet you never would have guessed this based on his education and lack of experience.

Successful people may not have the perfect game plan. They may fumble along the way. But it’s that willingness to start now and keep growing that pushes them forward.

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Geeta Nadkarni

Award-winning journalist, speaker and passionate entrepreneurship advocate Geeta Nadkarni has 20+ years of experience producing print, TV, radio and new media for outlets including the CBC, CNN, Global TV, Reader’s Digest and more and was voted “Best TV Personality” by the readers of the Montreal Mirror. She now blogs for and Huffington Post and is always looking for business success stories to feature in her writing. Her online course, Baby Got Booked teaches entrepreneurs how to do their own PR and has landed students local, national and international coverage within weeks (sometimes even days) of starting. Find out more at and grab some of her free resources or listen to her podcast where she interviews journalists who tell you EXACTLY what they want you to do to get their attention.

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