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Build more engagement with interactive content marketing

This developing field is quickly becoming an essential part of a marketer's repertoire.

Interactive content marketing is exploding, and for good reason. Research has found that 46 per cent of marketers are developing interactive content today, and 79 per cent intend to increase their content marketing efforts this year.

Why are marketers so intrigued by the potential of interactive marketing content? The top reason they gave was engagement, followed by education, brand awareness and lead generation.

As the emerging field continues to develop, content marketing has gone from a niche product that only well-funded marketers can pursue, to an area with regular innovation and disruption.

Today, there are countless interactive content marketing tools available for use without requiring advanced technical knowledge, enabling marketers to create a wide variety of interactive marketing products.

Here’s how to create great interactive marketing content for your brand.

What is interactive content?

With so many organizations competing for audience attention, there has been a flood of content in recent years, but much of that content only scratches the surface of viewer engagement.

Viral videos, articles and images are a great way to inspire a quick thought, but interactive content tries to go a step further by encouraging real engagement and providing something of value to marketers and users alike.

As a result, interactive content is not static, but rather provides insights or information specific to the user. Much more than creating brand messaging, interactive content allows marketers to create an experience.

Content types

There are a wide variety of interactive content types, with more expected as innovation in the field continues. Some examples include interactive quizzes and polls, interactive maps, online assessments, interactive videos and web-based calculators.


While many brands experiment with multiple content types, some lend themselves better to certain brand sectors than others. For example, financial institutions often build engagement by offering free mortgage, loan or interest calculators that provide users with valuable data.

News and research organizations often see high engagement with interactive infographics, videos and whitepapers, while a real estate or travel organization can provide customer value by building interactive maps with information tailored to each location. Quizzes and polls are generally applicable to any brand, but often take a little bit of creativity in order to be engaging and provide value.

Build more engagement with interactive content marketing

How to create interactive marketing content that gets noticed

When it comes to creating interactive marketing content, the name of the game is value. While having users input information can provide value to the brand, the user also needs to receive information tailored to them in return.

That can range from interactive quizzes that tell them which superhero they most resemble, to calculating how much they’ll need to save for a down payment on a new home, to mapping health data in their province.

Whatever form the content takes, it needs to provide value to the customer in a way that encourages greater trust with the brand.

Interactive content tools

The amount of online interactive content tools seems to be constantly increasing, many of which are intuitive, easy to use and a great starting point for pursuing interactive marketing campaigns. Here are a few to consider.

Apester interactive content app

Apester – Interactive quizzes, polls and personality tests

Brackify interactive content app

Brackify – Interactive voting brackets

Infogram interactive content app

Infogram – Interactive infographics

Mapme interactive content app

Mapme – Interactive 3D Maps

SnapApp interactive content app

SnapApp – Interactive assessments, videos, calculators, infographics, contests and more

ThingLink interactive content app

ThingLink – Interactive images

Vizia interactive content app

Vizia – Integrate quizzes, polls, and CTAs directly into videos

WebyClip interactive content app

WebyClip – High-end visual recognition and AI video content

Zembula interactive content app

Zembula – Interactive sales content for email, SMS and social media


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