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Weird & wacky inventions that got our attention

Future tech: Here's what has us buzzing this week.

You be the judge if these inventions are just plain weird or if they're weirdly practical.

Armpit air conditioners keep you cool at the office

armpit air conditioner invention

Gizmodo calls this "the brilliance of Thanko’s new armpit air conditioners."

"We’ve all been there during the hot and muggy summer months, afraid to raise an arm to hail a cab or reach for a subway handle for fear of revealing our sweat-soaked armpits. We all sweat, but for some reason, it’s still a natural body function we’re embarrassed about. …

"They easily clip to a shirt sleeve or other parts of your garment to direct a cool, refreshing breeze towards your underarm cesspools of smelly bacteria. Powered by two AAA batteries each or a USB connection to a laptop or other power source, the coolers will continuously run from five to nine hours depending on which of the three intensity settings you use." – Gizmodo

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Australian cattle-herding robot just missing a cowboy hat 

This one isn't so wacky once you see it in action, but it sure sounded like it at first. Take a look to see how it rounds up sheep & cattle down under.

"Yee-ha, round ’em up cowboy. Meet Swagbot, the newest member of Australia’s farm robot fleet.

"Swagbot can herd cows, tow heavy trailers, and traverse rugged terrain and has been designed to manage livestock on Australia’s vast sheep and cattle stations, which are often remote and difficult to access.

"A trial which began last month has confirmed that SwagBot is able to herd cattle, and can navigate its way around ditches, logs, swamps, and other features of a typical farm landscape.

"The next step will be to teach the robot how to identify animals that are sick or injured, says Salah Sukkarieh of the University of Sydney, who is leading the trial." – New Scientist

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Watch TV and you'll get rid of mosquitoes!

Think this one will work? 

mosquito invention

"South Korea’s LG is the maker of phones and a variety of other electronics popular with consumers. Most of them are designed and developed with the goal of making our lives easier or for entertainment purposes, but now they’ve purportedly found a way to merge the entertainment device with pest control…

"Using LG’s “mosquito-away technology,” the sets are said to repel insects using ultrasonic waves, which humans are unable to hear but allegedly cause mosquitoes to flee. The new devices became available to the public in India a few weeks ago using the same technology that has been used by LG in some of their air conditioners and washing machines. The mosquito-away technology has purportedly been certified as effective by an independent laboratory located near Chennai, India." – Inventor Spot

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See more IT & Tech innovation stories and let us know the interesting technology stories you come across. We may feature them in future articles.

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