VIDEO: Tech Accelerator Goal to Make Winnipeg the "Startup Capital of Canada"

April 12, 2016 Mark Glucki

Have you heard of Manitoba Technology Accelerator? 

If you have, then you're probably one of the multitudes of startups exploding on the scene in Winnipeg and across the province. The organization's mission is to help entrepreneurs take their amazing ideas through a business incubation program—developing from "idea to investment."

Manitoba Technology Accelerator helps make startups successful through this incubation process. They are the combination of entrepreneurs' passions, mentors' expert advice and a community's dedication to developing successful businesses with long-term potential.

We spoke with Marshall Ring, CEO of Manitoba Technology Accelerator, who told us more about how they are helping ignite Manitoba business. 

"What we want to do is work with high-potential technology ideas and put around a team to help that innovator be able to build that business into something investible."

Skip the Dishes is one phenomenal example of Manitoba Technology Accelerator's success. The company connects food lovers with restaurants delivering tasty meals right to your door. Their model resonated with a market that was hungry for the app, and in just over two years they've grown from just two people into a 200-person booming business.

"Manitoba is a great place to grow a business because of the people," Marshall continues. This sentiment is expressed time and again, with business owners and mentors alike proud of our business community achievements. Marshall applauds the entrepreneurial community in Manitoba, and goes on to set another goal for Winnipeg to claim the title of "Startup Capital of Canada."

Do you think Winnipeg has what it takes to be the "Startup Capital of Canada?"


Up Next: Watch how another Manitoba company is making software that boasts "Huge Growth Selling Artificial Intelligence."

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