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Video: Go behind the scenes of a TV commercial shoot with MTS

Movie magic: Turning a green yard into a Manitoba winter

What does it take to shoot a TV commercial?

From prep and production, through to final edits, there’s more than meets the eye. Take a look behind the scenes as Winnipeg’s Dirty T Shirt Productions goes on set for the latest MTS commercial. Then keep scrolling to learn more about the people, places and movie magic that made this happen.

The Plot

Manitobans don’t worry about blustery winter weather. The Manitoba family portrayed in this MTS TV commercial show how we embrace it by building a snow fort, skating and enjoying a cozy bonfire together outside.

The Product

This commercial introduces flat rate Manitoba-wide data from MTS.

Just as Manitobans don’t worry about winter, they shouldn’t worry about their data plan or overage charges either. Customers who build their wireless plan (MyPlan) with flat rate Manitoba-wide data get all of their data usage in Manitoba included in their plan for a flat rate.

MTS TV commercial behind the scenes 1

The Location

A home in Headingley, Manitoba.

The Weather

A beautiful day at the end of September – with a high of +18 degrees, blue skies and green grass still on the ground. Read on to learn how the team transformed the yard into a winter wonderland below.

MTS TV commercial behind the scenes 2

The Cast

Mom, Dad and two kids.

The Crew

Manitoba production company, Black Watch Entertainment, was in charge of production for the shoot and had over 30 crew members working hard to make this happen. Producer Meghan Duffy and Art Director Gerry Gyles (both seen in the video), plus everyone in charge of props, lighting, electrical, special FX, wardrobe, hair and make-up, locations and catering brought the Manitoba winter to life.

Alana Brooker, from the Marketing  Communications team at MTS, was also on set to make sure all shots captured matched the creative concept and stayed true to the MTS brand. For a staging transformation like this, the adage is true – it takes a village!

MTS TV commercial behind the scenes 3

The Props

Winter clothing was a priority in the props department – from toques and mittens to boots and ski pants. Other props included skates, a snow shovel and a smartphone – plus the BBQ, hot dogs, cups of hot chocolate and marshmallows to set the scene for a delicious treat. Mmm.

Where’s Morty? Watch closely and you’ll spot him on some of the props!

The Movie Magic

To transform the green grass into a snow-covered scene, the crew used some incredible effects.

  • Snow blankets: Creating the snowbanks in the background.
  • Snow dressing: You see this being stapled on the stair railing.
  • Spray snow: This gets sprayed from a can directly onto the house to give it a frosted look.
  • Snow machines: Making snow bluster and fly through the air.
  • Fire: This bonfire was all real.

MTS TV commercial behind the scenes 4

The Planning

For months in advance, the teams worked on concepts, storyboarding, casting and location scouting. And after the shoot, the post-production process got underway, including the addition of voice-overs, visual FX and editing.

Thanks for reading and watching!

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