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Top tech for business pros on the go

Gadgets, apps and practical tech when you travel for work.

The office is no longer located within just four walls. You’re on the go for your job, and it’s not just a nine-to-five gig. Luckily, tech can help reduce some of the worries, ensuring you can stay connected anywhere in the world.

With all of the options out there, here are some keepers to make your life and job easier when you’re on a plane or train, working from a hotel room, keeping on top of your schedule at a conference or taking meetings while on the road.


External batteries

LG Power Tank external battery

No electricity? No problem. Working on the go means you — and all of your tools — have to stay mobile. With pocket batteries, like the LG Power Tank, you can keep your tablet, smartphone and other USB devices charged. 

This device works just as well whether you’re on the move in a cab or waiting for your flight in a crowded airport. Most external batteries also come with multiple USB ports and have enough juice to charge your phone two or more times.


Portable keyboards

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

As great as touchscreens are, for many people nothing compares to the speed of a physical keyboard when you're accustomed to a tactile keystroke.

Options like the Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard can help you stay accurate and speedy while note-taking on the road. Just fold it open and get typing. This gadget pairs with any two mobile devices at the same time, so you can seamlessly switch between tasks — for example, between an iPad and an Android phone.


Mini routers

Hootoo Wireless Travel Router

Now you can use Wi-Fi to create your own secure network with a mini-router, like the Wireless Travel Router from Hootoo. Creating an office in your hotel room just got much easier — and much safer.  Just make sure you always follow password best practices and be aware of using public Wi-Fi when sharing sensitive data.

Not only are these guys small, but you can also use it to stream media or as a backup drive. And if you're on the road with colleagues, plugging a USB into this device can create your own local network to share files. 


Mini projectors

ASUS ZenBeam E1 mini projector

Lugging a monitor through your travels isn’t exactly the easiest thing, so use a mini projector such as the ASUS ZenBeam E1 to display your work on the big screen from anywhere.

Not only are the projected images surprisingly crisp, but they also have battery options so you don't have to be confined to a spot near a wall plug. In addition, many mini projectors such as this one can display images directly from your smartphone, tablet and laptop alike.



Get anywhere in the world with Rome2rio app

It’s natural to be unsure of your surroundings when you step into a brand new city — especially with the pressure of a conference or meeting looming. Worry no more.

The Rome2rio app, described by its makers as a “global trip planner that helps you discover how to get anywhere,” lets you input a destination by landmark or address, then tells you how to get there via a combination of vehicle, walking and public transport. There are even air and sea routes, if necessary. This is a critical app to have if you’ve never visited your destination before.



Manage expenses and invoices with Concur app

For many, organizing expense receipts and invoices is about as fun as watching grass grow — and takes nearly as long. You have enough to manage when you’re travelling for business, so crossing off this painstaking task can be a huge plus. 

Remove the hassle with an app like Concur, which allows you to manage all of your expenses in one place. Store pictures of receipts, edit your expense list, add credit card charges and stay on top of the list all within Concur. As a bonus, the company's sister app Tripit also lets you add your travel itinerary to remain even more organized.



XE currency converter app

Currency converter XE has been one of the most popular tools on desktop, and now it’s just as useful as an app. 

Load this to your mobile device and you'll have a handy way to determine costs for anything priced in foreign currency. Calculate those per diems, make sure you're getting good value compared to back home, keep up with fluctuations on the dollar and know the score when converting cash internationally.


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