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This researcher invented a way to read through closed books

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Reading books without opening them: The ultimate Coles Notes!

“Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a prototype imaging system that’s able to read pages of a book without opening it. …

“Working closely with researchers from Georgia Tech, Heshmat and company have demonstrated the ability to identify letters up to nine pages deep. As technology continues to advance, the team no doubt hopes to be able to peer deeper into a book without opening it.

“In terms of practicality, the team says the technique could be used to study ancient books that are so fragile that they can’t be opened without risk of destroying their contents.” – TechSpot

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Play ‘Pong’ in real life & learn how to rock climb

You may have seen this video floating around Facebook lately, as this augmented reality game platform has made every nostalgic gamer take notice.

“How do you make Pong way more physically demanding than it needs to be and improve rock-climbing walls in the process? The answer, apparently, is augmented reality.

“Billed as the “first global gaming platform for climbing walls,” Augmented Climbing offers augmented reality tools for climbers to improve their climbing skills through gamified exercises. Some of its games include ‘Whack-a-Bat’ and ‘Sparks,’ which require climbers to navigate an “electrified” maze projected on the climbing wall. The game being demonstrated in the video is fittingly—if not uncreatively—is titled ‘Climball,’ and combines climbing with Pong.” – Motherboard

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Watch 3D Movies Without the Annoying 3D Glasses

“Seeing 3D movies in theaters isn’t my preferred choice for a bunch of reasons, but the glasses definitely rank among its most annoying features. The cheap plastic things always have to ride atop my existing, actual vision glasses, for one, and they also always seem to be scratched or otherwise marked up. Which is why news that MIT has developed a glasses-less 3D display tech suitable for use in movie theater settings – even if it’s only a prototype – is so welcome. …

“The MIT Computers Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) set out to create a display that lets people see the 3D effect in a movie theater, from any seat in the house – no glasses required. Teaming up with Israel’s Weiszmann Institute of Science, CSAIL managed to put together a prototype called ‘Cinema 3D’ that uses a complex arrangement of lenses and mirrors to create a set number of parallax barriers (think of Venetian blinds that show a slightly different set of pixels to each of the viewer’s eyes to simulate depth) that can address every viewing angle in the theater based on seat locations.” – TechCrunch

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