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This flying concept car is not as far-fetched as it seems

Future Tech: tech that turns fog into drinking water & high tops that can order your pizza.

Is this concept vehicle a plane, train or automobile?

flying car

From Wired:

Air travel never involves air travel alone. City to city transport usually goes something like car or cab to train to shuttle to the terminal where you catch a plane, only to reverse the process at the other end, often with a little running somewhere along the line for good measure. Airbus came up with a crazy idea to change all of that with Pop.Up, a conceptual two-passenger pod that clips to a set of wheels, hangs under a quadcopter, links with others to create a train, and even zips through a hyperloop tube.

Are we living in The Jetsons? New autonomous gadgets everywhere

This crazy concept blurs the once-firm lines between planes, trains, and automobiles to let people take to the skies when traffic backs up. In other words, it’s a flying car. A really cool flying car, cooked up with help from Italdesign and unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, but still, a flying car. Farfetched, yes, but Airbus says it is taking the idea seriously. “Adding the third dimension to seamless multi-modal transportation networks will, without a doubt, improve the way we live, and how we get from A to B,” said Mathias Thomsen, general manager for urban air mobility at Airbus.

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Incredible invention turns fog into water

CloudFisher traps fog turns into drinking water

From Fast Company:

On the slopes of Mt. Boutmeziguida in southwest Morocco, a series of mesh nets, strung between tall posts, stand straight up from the rocky terrain. Measuring around 17,000 square feet, the nets act like a massive spider web, trapping up to 36,000 liters of water in a 24-hour period, supplying 800 people with their drinking needs.

The technology, called CloudFisher, does this by pulling dew from the air, and funneling the drops into collecting troughs at the base of the net. The Anti-Atlas mountain range in CloudFisher traps fog turns into drinking water Morocco, where the nets are strung, “has the ideal conditions for fog water production,” says Peter Trautwein, the CEO of Aqualonis, the Munich-based company that developed the CloudFisher technology. The area is one of the driest in Morocco, but the fog swirling around the mountains, Trautwein realized, could be leveraged to combat the region’s drinking-water shortage.

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Order pizza with your shoes

pizza hut high tops order pizza for you

From Engadget:

Pizza Hut is no stranger to using tech as a promo tool, but its latest may be particularly appealing if you’re looking for new footwear. It just unveiled a pair of Bluetooth shoes, Pie Tops (yes, we know), that order a large pizza for you at the press of a button on the tongue — think of them as Reebok Pumps that fill you up instead. As you might guess, there’s a mobile app to both set your order defaults and change the button push requirements. You don’t have to worry that you’ll accidentally order a Super Supreme while you’re out playing basketball.

Like most of the company’s publicity grabs, you won’t get to buy these yourself. However, Pizza Hut tells us that there will be a “handful” released to the public at some point in the future. Will these be as coveted as the latest pair of Yeezys? Almost certainly not, but it’s safe to say that you’ll be the only kid on the block whose hi-tops can order dinner.

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