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They Turned a Couple House Rentals Into a Full-Scale Business

Break-ins won’t stop this duo from creating a feeling of safety and security for all their tenants. They are managing time and people plus commercial and residential property.

Property management is a hectic business, as Nick and Nancy Limneos from Naniko Properties know very well. They are using technology every day to help manage their time and their properties. Combining their office environment with on-the-go tech tools, Naniko stays in touch with all their clients’ needs. They’ve also added new security measures to protect their properties and tenants. Learn more about their tech stack in the below success story.

We recently chatted with Nancy to learn more about her business and how she operates to get the most out of her schedule. 

Characterize your life as a business owner.

Productive, satisfied and always looking for more. It’s my reason to get up in the morning.

What does your typical day look like?

I usually come to work before the office opens for a bit of quiet time. I deal with new tenants, repairs, complaints, manage requests through maintenance, credit checks, tenancy questions, subcontractors for repairs and accounting.

What is the most challenging part of your role?

The most challenging things are dealing with evictions, looking out for other tenants, and balancing needs of our clients. Going to court and dealing with conflicts is a big challenge.

How do you stay up to date with trends in your industry?

We’re governed by the residential tenancy branch. With commercial and residential units, we watch a lot of what’s going on in the market; review other people’s ads, what’s not renting and why. My husband is on the road all day long so we watch what’s going on in our own city.

How does technology impact your business and what opportunity do you see when it comes to technology trends and advances?

Technology makes me more mobile. I have three days a week in the office and the other two days I can work on the road. I can view cameras and get voicemail on my phone. It makes it that much easier to be away from the office. This way I have set hours in my office for personal meetings.

What are your top 3 business applications or tools?

Cameras, cell phones and the Internet.

What advice can you give to other businesses based on your success?

If you can go with one company for all your technology as we have – do it.

For business in general, take your time when you’re about to do something and make sure you have all your information. Don’t jump in too fast. Take it slow as it doesn’t have to be done quickly most of the time. Get the grasp of things and then take the next step.

What would you say is the top skill needed to be a successful business person?

Patience. You need it for yourself and for the amount of information you are taking in. You can only absorb so much, and if you absorb more than you can handle you can lose some things. I’ve had two or three businesses on the go at a time. You need patience to stay in control and work with your customers.

What’s your favourite business book or blogger recommendation? 

I usually read a textbook or university book, rather than media-based writing. One person I listen to in the media is Charles Adler because you also get peoples’ feedback. Two sides; not one.

Read the full success story below.

MTS is proud to have Nick and Nancy at Naniko Properties as a valued business services customer.

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