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The Most Innovative Countries in the World…

Who tops the list?

What makes a country innovative? And where does Canada stack up?

The Global Innovation Index measures countries up against each other to show what drives innovation across the world.

The index is based on factors such as education institutions, human capital and research, infrastructure, market and business sophistication, technology and creative outputs.

Highlights of the rankings come from GEreports, as they reveal some of the most innovative countries on the radar. 

29th Place: China

"China is rising, too. Measured as a combination of university ranking, patents filed and cited publications, China’s GII innovation-quality score is now above that of the average developed economy, albeit still below the UK or US. How long till it joins the top 10?"

5th Place: USA

"Aside from the obvious Silicon Valley, the US also contributes a great deal to institutional health research. 8 of 9 facilities noted for HIV/AIDS work in 2015 by Thomson Reuters were American. The US also wins points for university and industry R&D collaboration."

3rd Place: Sweden

"Sweden ranks third for its ratio of patents relative to population. Ericsson, its telecom giant, has been named 5 times on Thomson Reuters’ annual Top 100 global innovators list. Sweden’s brain drain is low: Only 7% of Swedish inventors apply for patents outside the country."

2nd Place: Britain

"Its world-class universities, says the GII, keep the UK ahead of the pack in sheer quality of innovation. “With less than 1% of the world’s population, we produce 16% of the top-quality published research,” said one British official at the launch of the rankings."

1st Place…

Who has won "Most Innovative Country in the World" for a fifth consecutive year? Find out on GEreports.

Where are we?

To find out how Canada stacks up, check out the full list of rankings in the Global Innovation Index

For more on innovation and tech, visit the IT & tech section of the Business Hub.

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