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Take a call on your finger phone

Future Tech: Plus...autonomous ships & bendy tablet technology.

New ring phone uses bone conduction to transmit audio

From Engadget:

While modern Bluetooth earpieces are more compact than ever, chances are you’ll still need to leave at least one stuck in your ear. This can get uncomfortable over time, not to mention the dorkiness that’s been haunting this form factor since day one. Hong Kong startup Origami Labs thinks it has an alternative solution to this problem: why not repackage the Bluetooth earpiece as a ring, and then use bone conduction to transmit audio to the fingertip? That’s the basic concept behind the Orii smart ring.

Using bone conduction for audio transmission is hardly a new idea. It’s a commonly used technology in the hearing aid market, as this transmits sound directly to the inner ear, thus bypassing hearing issues caused by the middle or outer ear. But most of us know bone conduction better in the form of wireless headphones — most notably the ones from AfterShokz, that let you enjoy music or take calls while leaving your ears open for the sake of safety.

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Autonomous, crewless ships to hit the seas

Autonomous ships

From Popular Mechanics:

International shipping has been changing the world for centuries, and even with the advent of aviation, there’s simply no better way to get a whole bunch of stuff from continent to continent than with a boat. But while boats are here to stay, sailors could be a thing of the past. Two Norwegian companies are working together towards a goal of crewless, autonomously operated ships by the end of the decade.

Kongsberg Gruppen provides, among other things, navigational and surveying systems to marine companies. Kongsberg is working with YARA, a chemical company with a focus on fertilizer, to build what they call the Yara Birkeland. “As a leading global fertilizer company with a mission to feed the world and protect the planet,” says Svein Tore Holsether, President and CEO of YARA in a press statement, “investing in this zero emission vessel to transport our crop nutrition solutions fits our strategy well.”

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Check out this flexy, bendy tablet

Bendy tablet technology

From Pocket-lint:

Chinese manufacturer Lenovo has been working on several tech concepts that will re-imagine current gadgets. It recently revealed a bendable laptop during an event in New York that can be rolled to transport. And it has discussed bendy tablet formats in the past.

Now it has shown one of the latter and, instead of folding in on itself as you’d expect, the Lenovo Folio concept device folds over with the screen on the outside.

A video of the concept was posted online by Mobile China, on Chinese video site Youku. It shows someone going hands-on with the working prototype, which does indeed fold in the middle to give two separate screens — one on either side of the bent device.

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