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Small Business Week: The future of SMB in Canada

Celebrating small business.

October 16 – 22, 2016 is officially small business week in Canada, spearheaded by BDC as a national celebration of small and medium-sized business entrepreneurs.

A lot has changed in our country since the week’s inception in 1979, but the tenacity and motivated mindset of small business owners has not.

BDC small business week

Here are some of the resources at your disposal to help you get the most out of Small Business Week.

Event Listings

Events are being held all week long from coast to coast, including workshops and conferences that help connect entrepreneurs, SMB  owners and industry leaders. Many events are already underway with much more on the agenda. Check BDC’s full listing for what’s in your area. 

And if networking isn’t your idea of fun, get some tips from these helpful resources.

Productivity Tool

How productive is your company?

According to BDC, Canada’s companies were equally as productive as their American neighbours. But by 2015 that productivity drastically declined to only 73%, which BDC cautions is a threat to our standard of living.

To measure your company performance, they’ve created a productivity comparison tool. Fill out the various fields (that are kept confidential), and you’ll get a customized report to see how you stack up against the competition. Access the tool here.

Shop Small Biz

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) has created a site dedicated to listing all the independently owned and operated businesses across the country.

Shop Small Biz helps you find local businesses arranged by city and industry, along with their key contact information and map location. For some listings, you can also see special coupons, photos and reviews.

shop small biz

If your company isn’t already listed, you can sign-up for free to add it to the directory.

Small Biz Saturday

CFIB has declared Saturday, October 22 fittingly as “Small Biz Saturday.”

The goal is to have Canadians pop into their local shops, boutiques, restaurants and small businesses — either the favourite places you frequent or the ones you’ve always meant to get to. By supporting small business on Saturday, you’ll help boost the independent business economy and discover the amazing businesses that hard-working owners and entrepreneurs have created all across the country.

On social media, you can share your experience using the hashtag #shopsmallbiz.

#SBM2016 on Social Media

Twitter is still the place for real-time discussions and happenings. For Small Business Week, that’s definitely the case as Twitter users are taking the conversation online using the hashtag #SBW2016.

Take part by tweeting from your own account or just following the conversation, links, pictures and videos. Even if you can’t make the events in person you’ll be able to access a lot of inspiring stories and valuable tips from the Twittersphere.

Small Business Resources

Year-round there are many other resources available for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Take advantage of the information and events listed on sites such as these:

There are countless other sites and resources available. List your favourites in the comments section below, and don’t forget to network with fellow entrepreneurs to keep the spirit Small Business Week lasting year-round.

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