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Roboglove, Robot Soccer & Killer Robots!

Future tech: We explore what’s new in the world of robotics.

Roboglove: Put it on for superhero strength

GM Roboglove

“There’s no better way to start a job interview than with a firm handshake. It’s a clear sign that you’re confident, capable, and ready to work like John Henry on PCP.

“So imagine the impression you’ll make wearing Roboglove, a power-assisted gauntlet General Motors wants to give its factory workers. It may look like something in a Power Ranger costume, but it’s inspired by a real-life space robot.

NASA and GM built Robonaut 2 for tasks too dangerous or demeaning for humans on the International Space Station. The super creepy humanoid was strong enough to lift 40 pounds and dexterous enough to tap out texts on an iPhone.” – Wired

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Robot Soccer: Gooooaaal!! The Robot World Cup 2016

Robot Soccer World Cup 2016

Robot Soccer World Cup 2016

Robot Soccer World Cup 2016

“This is RoboCup! This annual gathering sees robotics experts from all over the planet fielding teams of battling soccerbots in a bid for robot football supremacy.

In this CNET special feature, we take you inside the tournament, revealing the goals, dives and cutting-edge technology deployed in this quirky footie-fest. This year’s tournament took place in Leipzig, Germany, where robots across both humanoid and non-humanoid leagues went head-to-head.

“Meet the Australian team out to defend their title, see why a change to the regulation ball has scores of robots baffled, and enjoy the sight of extremely adorable robots falling over — then hopping right back up again. Hit play on the video above to check it out, and see more videos from RoboCup below.” – CNET

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Killer Robots: Removing Pest Lionfish from the Atlantic Ocean

“We joke around a lot about bringing about a horrific robot apocalypse, but let’s get real: sometimes, building a killer robot is just the right thing to do.Well, at least when those robots are being used to cull invasive species. Researchers at Robots In Service of the Environment (RISE) are developing a robot to fight an invasive population of Lionfish that’s threatening ecosystems off the coast of Florida as well as in the Caribbean and Bermuda.

“Creating a robot to exterminate a specific species sounds a bit harsh, but it’s an environmental issue: the Lionfish population in question isn’t native to Caribbean waters, and don’t register as predators to the local wildlife. By decimating the area’s food supply, the voracious carnivores are killing coral reef systems and starving other species. Culling the Lionfish population is essential to protecting the local ecosystem. Unfortunately there are millions of Lionfish and only so many hunters. The solution? Build robothunters.” – engadget

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