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MB Networking Resources: Entrepreneurship Manitoba

On a muggy July morning, 15 aspiring entrepreneurs crowded around a downtown Winnipeg boardroom table. Even a really hot day couldn’t shelve their entrepreneurial dreams. Each seemed eager to accelerate their new life path with a free-of-charge Entrepreneurship Manitoba workshop on starting a new business.

The attendees brought their own skills, levels of confidence and conceptual ideas to the table. There were plumbers, bookkeepers, painters, home-cleaning families, personal care providers, garment experts and determined-to-be new restauranteurs. Some were completely new to their fields, others were completely new to Manitoba and a few were brand new to Canada. Others were simply stepping out on their own after years of dedicated service to a long-time employer. There were mother and son teams, sisters, boyfriend and girlfriend partnerships and a couple of good buddies who shared a vision of profit and profitability within Manitoba’s business scene.

But with all this diversity, they still shared one thing in common: they were at their very first step of becoming a business owner. If they were going to embark upon a new career as a Manitoba entrepreneur, there were critical first steps each of them had to take.

Enter Entrepreneurship Manitoba, an agency within the Province of Manitoba’s Business Services Division, to help guide the early steps of these new business prospects. The organization offers a range of services to businesses and entrepreneurs at every stage including business start-up, expansion and selling your company. This group was interested in the start-up process and they were there to listen and learn from the experts. In fact, every Friday morning at 9 a.m. there is a similarly-minded group of new entrepreneurs looking to learn more via the free weekly workshop in the Entrepreneurship Manitoba boardroom.

The workshop was delivered by two Business Services employees, Jane Bullied and Kayla Fisher, who led the group through the three-page “Checklist for Starting a Business in Manitoba”. The checklist is designed to address one of the most common questions when people start a new business: “Where do I begin?”

A lot of thought and consideration went into the preparation of the workshop as the information was presented in chronological order for setting up a new business:

  • Evaluating your business idea
  • Doing market research
  • Developing a business strategy
  • Crunching the right business numbers

They went on to cover more detailed steps that would be a key part of new business growth such as dealing with taxes and hiring employees. Websites and resources were identified, explained and offered throughout every step.

The workshop was well-received by all attendees and each person seemed to grab their own nuggets of information; typical of the various stages each person was in.

Entrepreneurship Manitoba works closely with The World Trade Centre Winnipeg and gears their programs, mixers, seminars and workshops for all levels of business owners. Learn more about how they can help you run your business more effectively by visiting their website.

Have you taken part in a great networking and resource workshop lately? Tell us in the comments below.

Duncan Morrison

Duncan is a Winnipeg-based writer and communications consultant that specializes in freelance writing, strategic communications and marketing plans for clients from a wide range of organizations and businesses. His work has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines.

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