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MB Business Leader: Jodi Moskal is More Than Electric

Her best business advice over the past year.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on September 10, 2015. The MTS Business Hub recently caught up with Jodi to chat about her year in review. Below are her highlights.

What’s the best piece of business advice you received this year? 

Hearing Doug Hall speak at the Innovation Conference was the highlight of the past 12 months. And attending RRC continuing education classes has also been beneficial. Learning must be ongoing and can no longer end with a degree or a ticket if you’re going to stay relevant in today’s world.

Was there a piece of technology that took you completely by surprise this year?

The electrical industry is becoming more and more a technology industry. Smart buildings, LED lighting wired with low-voltage cabling and advances in wireless products continue to have a big impact. There is also an increasing desire for preserving the environment and building green, and that is going to create plenty of changes in the industry.

What challenge stands out this year that you are proud to have overcome?

We are an electrical contractor and provider of network cabling solutions for commercial, industrial, government and institutional clients. Recently, we were invited to work on a project that the customer knew was outside of our normal scope. The client understood this when we were hired and provided us with advice and the necessary training. Our team stepped up, welcoming the opportunity to learn new skills. It was completed on time and we’re proud of our team and the finished project.

Out on the job site.

Are there groups or leaders that have helped you out this year?

The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce provides unending learning opportunities and support for business owners as well as a network of experience and expertise to draw on. We are fortunate in Winnipeg to have a giving community of business owners who remind us we’re not alone.

Over the years, we’ve developed friendships with several leaders who are just a phone call, text or DM away and are willing to help us find solutions, provide advice and sometimes just an ear or a shoulder.

What upcoming technology makes your excited for next year?

I am looking forward to seeing how 3D printing will influence construction and the speed at which projects can be completed.

“Having our employees connected on the wireless network is of utmost importance, especially in the electrical industry. Our employees know how to reach us and we know how to reach them – employee safety is a key priority.”

If you could take one month off from the routine, what would you do

I’d spend some of the time at the lake with my dog, walking in the woods, fishing and enjoying campfires. Plus some quiet time indoors quilting, cooking and learning something new – in particular, I’d work on my French, playing drums, and coding, which are at the top of my list.

Moskal Electric MB Business Leader: Jodi Moskal is More Than Electric

Great leadership can be hard to come by. With all of the struggles that are involved with running a business such as managing employees, client expectations, projects, budgets and the like, many business owners’ lives are consumed simply with keeping their business ticking.

Moskal Electric network cabling

Some, however, thrive under pressure and push themselves to lead by example, building positive business models and giving back to their communities. One local business leader who stands out among the crowd is Jodi Moskal, owner of MOSKAL electric.

Jodi and her husband, Steve, co-own their company, and though it wasn’t originally her dream to be an electrician (initially she wanted to be an architect) the challenges and problem-solving involved with the industry fascinated her. Steve was already working as an electrician, and he taught her the ropes so that they could go into business together.

Though she didn’t have a university education or a business degree, Jodi applied herself to her passion and began taking night courses, building her business and focusing on telephone and computer cabling.

In addition to building her business from the ground up, Jodi has become a figurehead in the Winnipeg business community. She volunteers regularly and strives to be a role model for women who are considering getting into trades by speaking at local schools, universities and technical colleges. When asked about her desire to be a leader in her community, she says “leadership is understanding that everyone’s success ultimately improves our collective environment.”

“Diversity in a company produces more innovative and creative processes and solutions.”

Moskal Electric Community SupportShe maintains a strong online presence for herself and her company, and recently finished a term as the Chair of The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce where she focused on strengthening business relationships with the City of Winnipeg, and working to promote their BOLD Winnipeg project. BOLD is designed to “spur innovative and inspired thinking about our community, its collective goals and the road ahead.”

“I encourage all girls and women to consider a career in the trades. Regardless of the vocation – be it electrical, mechanical, carpentry or any other – knowledge of how things work along with how to use tools to build and make repairs allows for both financial and practical independence.”

While donating a significant amount of her time to The Chamber, Jodi and MOSKAL Electric also routinely donate their time, gifts and monetary support to a variety of local and national charities. This includes RaY (Resource Assistance for Youth), AssentWorks, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, Women as Career Mentors and many more.

Jodi’s efforts as a businesswoman, a role model and an active participant in her community are what make her a truly great Manitoba business leader.

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