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Manitoba Tech Company Helping "See" Diseases Like Cancer Earlier

VIDEO: Featuring world-leading molecular imaging company, Cubresa 

James Schellenberg, Founder & CTO, is clearly very proud of the company that he’s built. And with good reason, as Cubresa is working on brilliant solutions to keep us healthy.

In the simplest terms, Cubresa’s technology can see molecules, and they are working on various applications related to brain receptor activity, strokes and heart failure.

James discusses how their technology could allow you to see the cancer cell rather than just the effect of the cell, which could often be too late to treat effectively.

“Imagine if you could see cancer earlier.”

Cubresa Winnipeg Business Entrepreneurship Molecular Imaging

George Abe, CEO of Cubresa, is also bold with his vision of the company and the impact they will have on the community.

The company has a forward-thinking goal to be the “world’s leading molecular imaging company.” With such a strong vision and the technology to back it up, George says that Cubresa “allows healthcare professionals to detect, diagnose, and therefore treat disease sooner and better.”

As CEO, George also has plenty of positive words to say about the Manitoba work environment, healthcare industry and a supportive community.

“I love doing business in Winnipeg. All the people…are extremely hard-working, honest, passionate people.”

These two leaders pack a punch in their vision of their own company, the potential in others, and the business community at large. The duo are fiercely positive about entrepreneurship , running startups, and the importance of both success and failure.

“The key thing is, do something meaningful. Do something that is important to you—that has value.” James’ words are amazingly encouraging, but it’s the next thing he says that offers the most refreshing and motivating advice.

See the full video above to hear that advice, and get more words of wisdom from both James and George as they discuss business and entrepreneurship.

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