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Manitoba represents at Consumer Electronics Show 2017

Future Tech "Consumer Electronics Show 2017" Edition: CES sees a concept car tailored to your personality & robots wow the crowds.

We gathered articles featuring some of the most interesting new tech and innovation stories that came out of the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

Winnipeg company showcases fitness sleeve at CES

From Winnipeg Free Press:

Winnipeg CES 2017

Three Manitoba companies will join a contingent of 26 mostly new western Canadian companies to show at the massive Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas at the end of the week.

Komodo Technologies, run by the Winnipeg father-and-son team of Larry and Elvis Goren, is new on the market. They have developed a compression sleeve application for popular wearable fitness devices. …

Elvis Goren, 24, a recent graduate of the University of Manitoba, had been a longtime user of smart watches and activity trackers, but he wanted to make something better.

“You can’t have those watches too tight on the wrist so that they cut off circulation, but the looseness is a major cause of some of the inaccuracy in the readings,” said Goren.

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Toyota shares concept car that could be your new best friend

Toyota concept car CES 2017

From Popular Mechanics:

It’s got the perfectly round pod-shape, but this is no Prius. Say hello to Toyota’s Concept-i, a far-out concept car the automaker unveiled during its press conference at CES 2017. With its gullwing doors and outrageous styling, it is, shall we say, a bit of a departure from the safe and basic styling you might associate with the brand.

Like all concept cars, this is intended not to hit the road as-is but to demonstrate the carmaker’s vision of the future. As Toyota Research Institute head Gill Pratt explained during the demo, that vision involves two things: making the car safer, and changing the way people interact with their vehicles.

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Robo-excitement hits the CES show floor

Robots CES 2017

From CNET:

There’s nothing better at CES than discovering a robot on the show floor. Seriously, robots are cool. They are fun. And thanks to the newly released “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” public sentiment toward droids is off the charts. It’s unlikely the CNET team will stumble across anything as endearing as new Star Wars droid K-2SO as we scour the halls in Las Vegas. Still, there’s a ton of robo-excitement in the run-up to CES 2017.

At previous shows, robots have primarily been used as marketing gimmicks or demonstration props. That, says IHS analyst Dinesh Kithany, is set to change.

“What we will see is more from the application point of view,” Kithany said. Companies will be looking to explore what consumers can do with a robot, although the robots themselves, he added, will likely be “in the concept stages.”

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