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Manitoba Business Spotlight: Point West Electrical

"When Gil Rouire went out on his own as an electrical contractor 15 years ago, he wanted a new challenge out of life. Today, he is meeting the challenge of consistently providing the highest level of customer satisfaction and staff safety."

Now that is a fantastic quote! Who wouldn't want to be known for their incredible customer service and keeping their staff safe, especially in the electrical industry where it is of utmost importance? Gil and Kelly Rouire, owners of Point West Electrical, have built their impressive business based in Portage la Prairie, and now employ 19 construction electricians and project managers. They've developed a process for completing their projects with success, as Kelly states; “Successful projects, whatever their size, are the result of good management and an excellent team.” 

MTS is proud to have Point West as a customer and partner. In the below success story, we've profiled Gil and Kelly's "Two definitions of care: quality and safety" to help other business owners learn what works for their business. Click the image to read the whole story. 

As explained above, Point West provides electrical contractor services to residential, commercial, industrial and farming industries. This diverse set of customers means they need to be on their game, and keeping their employees safe is a key priority. A healthy staff makes for happy customers, and that's a helpful lesson for any business.

We spoke further with Gil and Kelly to learn more about their take on business and what has helped them be successful.

"Life as a business owner is rewarding. Our typical day includes constant organization between employees, projects and customers – trying to make each day run smoothly as possible. Customer satisfaction is the most rewarding part of our role. The most challenging thing though is obtaining that customer satisfaction.

"We are constantly taking industry specific training, industry code updates and upgrading specific tools required to complete our projects. Providing customers with the latest in technical changes is really important. For example, the latest lighting upgrades – like LED Lighting — are updates that the customer may want since they are much more energy efficient.

"The use of electronic devices is helpful for us to help maintain our daily health and safety program while onsite of a project. SiteDocs is a fantastic app, and we use our cell phones for regular communications.

"To find success in our business, it takes hard work, perseverance and dedication to our customers along with community involvement. Organization and time management are always crucial, along with loyalty and the building of a good reputation within your community."

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