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Secure. Reliable. Flexible. 
It’s that third attribute of the brand new MTS Data Centres in south Winnipeg that should make the facility appeal to businesses of all sizes.
While security and resilience have helped make the state-of-the-art facility the only Uptime Institute Tier III facility in the province, the fact that colocation and data management options have been built into the data hall means everyone from small business to enterprise customers can take advantage of the new MTS Data Centres.
“This is a place that is designed for customers to host and maintain their IT (Information Technology) infrastructure. Their servers, their storage, their networking gear — all the things they typically would have in their office environment whether they have a small data centre or they are a larger business,” says Ryan Klassen, Vice President of MTS Business Solutions and General Manager of MTS Data Centres.
Options for All Business Sizes
The scalability and flexibility at the new data centre allows businesses and organizations to grow and transform their IT operations. Customizable solutions mean anything from a single server up to an entire enterprise infrastructure can be accommodated. Connectivity services are offered directly through MTS Data Centres, but are available through a variety of other carriers as the facility is connected to multiple carrier networks.
“Data centres typically focus either on very small customers and do some elementary things like web-hosting, while others are focused on very large enterprise customers or even into wholesale markets,” Klassen says. “The way we’ve designed and constructed, we wanted to reflect Manitoba’s business community which covers a broad range. Small business is a very large sector in Manitoba, but we also have some very large public and private sector organizations and businesses headquartered here. The facility offers the flexibility to support almost any business customer with the types of services we offer.”
For smaller businesses, Rack Unit Services offer a cost-effective solution to hosting servers in-house, freeing up office space and boosting security along the way.
“Rack Unit is designed for small customers who maybe just want us to handle a web server for them,” Klassen says.
Colocation Services offer customers more cabinet space, with usage-based tier pricing.
Private Colocation Services offer a solution for larger organizations or businesses that need greater levels of power use, security and flexibility in access. Segmented security cages are also an option to facilitate a high level of security while allowing control over IT infrastructure and 24/7 access.
“From small business, it ranges all the way up to massive enterprise customers who will have many racks of gear they house here, and that their people maintain,” Klassen says. “Their people come in and access the equipment as they need to, but we house and manage it here in our environment.”
Location is Key
Winnipeg’s location in the centre of the continent is also an attractive feature for businesses housing their IT infrastructure.
“From a latency perspective for connectivity, whether your business is on the east or west coast all the way down in the U.S., our central location means low-latency connectivity,” Klassen says.
In an IT context, latency means the time it takes data to travel from its source to its destination, and this affects the performance of network-based applications.
“The performance of applications depends upon the speed of the connectivity between the office and the application,” Klassen says. “It gives businesses options to begin to think about how to evolve their architecture and their applications. It really gives them a platform to start to adopt more managed and cloud-based services.”
To learn more about the state-of-the-art facility, click through to get a virtual tour of the new MTS Data Centres.

Jason Halstead

Jason is a Winnipeg-based journalist and photographer who has been published across Canadian media.

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