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IT Security Pros: Protect Your Corporation

Top 5 expert cyber-security roundup.

If your job is to keep the company safe against cyber-attacks, hackers, phishers and online threats, then you know all-too-well how critical it is to stay ahead of the bad guys. 

We rounded up some of the best IT security articles from the tech community. Below is our top 5:

5 Cybersecurity Threats to Watch Out for in 2016

"Among the new challenges for online security in 2016 include new Internet of Things (IoT) exploits and malware that can escape sandboxes and move from an isolated hypervisor to the host operating system. And, all the while, hackers are finding new way to avoid detection and hide evidence of tampering.

"These are some of the findings of New Rules: The Evolving Threat Landscape in 2016 (PDF), a new report from FortiGuard Labs, the research division of cybersecurity provider FortiGuard, and is based on the analysis of threat intelligence feeds from millions of devices deployed worldwide." Read more…

Major study uncovers evolving threats to IT security

"Information governance and IT security have become two of the more commonly discussed matters among leaders in the public and private sectors throughout the past several years, and for good reason, as data breaches remain some of the more devastating crimes in North America and overseas. The fact remains that data breach is not an entirely avoidable risk, but it needs to be handled aggressively to control losses should an adverse event take place.

"Certain industries have fallen into a more challenging ebb and flow of security challenges than others, including retail and health care, and this has been consistent across regions for the past few years. While the frequency and subsequent damages of data breach are increasing consistently as time goes on, the types of threats and associated mitigation tactics are evolving even more quickly than many would expect." Read full story…

Millions of smart TVs, phones and routers at risk from old vulnerability

"A three-year-old vulnerability in a software component used in millions of smart TVs, routers and phones still hasn't been patched by many vendors, thus posing a risk, according to Trend Micro.

"Although a patch was issued for the component in December 2012, Trend Micro found 547 apps that use an older unpatched version of it, wrote Veo Zhang, a mobile threats analyst.

"These are very popular apps that put millions of users in danger; aside from mobile devices, routers, and smart TVs are all at risk as well," he wrote." Read full story…

Instead of news, UK paper delivered ransomware

"A major UK newspaper is cleaning up its website after a criminal tried to deliver ransomware to thousands of its readers.

"The attack affected the blogs section of The Independent newspaper's website, Joseph C. Chen, a fraud researcher with Trend Micro, said in a blog post Tuesday.

"We have already informed The Independent about this security incident and are working with them to contain the situation," Chen wrote. "For their part, the news website staff was quick to respond and take action to mitigate the risk this event posed to the website itself and its user base." Read full story…

Adobe, Microsoft Each Plug 70+ Security Holes

"Adobe and Microsoft today independently issued software updates to plug critical security holes in their software. Adobe released a patch that fixes a whopping 78 security vulnerabilities in its Flash Player software. Microsoft pushed a dozen patch bundles to address at least 71 flaws in various versions of the Windows operating system and associated software.

"Three-quarters of the patches Microsoft issued earned the company’s most dire “critical” rating, meaning malware or attackers could use the flaws fixed in these patches to fully compromise vulnerable systems with zero help from users. What’s more, two of the vulnerabilities are actively being exploited, including a bug in Windows and Microsoft Office." Read more…

Looking for more? Read Phishers, Hackers & Cyber-Attackers: Could My Email System be Hacked Like Ashley Madison?.

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