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Inspiration from TEDx Winnipeg

2016 application entry now open!

Manitoba is home to incredible innovation and inspiration, so it’s fitting that TEDx Winnipeg has quickly become a stage for Manitobans with great minds.

Our independently run version of the famous TED Talks conferences from all around the world, is happening this year on June 2. Seats are high demand items, and if you’re interesting in attending you’ll have to get your application in before April 22.

Let’s take a look back to TEDx Winnipeg 2015 and some of the incredible speakers that took the stage at the highly anticipated event.


Discovering the Amazing in the Everyday | Heather Hinam

“About half of the world, and 80% of Canadians live in urban areas.” Heather Hinam is a naturalist and interpretive planner who discusses “Biophilia” —reconnecting with nature to feel calmer, more creative and escape the urban mindset.

“People care about what they love. If we can reteach people to notice and therefore love the environment, saving the planet from environmental damage will become a lot easier.

Heather’s business “acts as an outlet to help reconnect people with nature and, in some cases, help their local economy create a sense of stewardship.”

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Beginning life with Parkinson’s at age of 46 | Tim Hague Sr.

“Tim courageously show us what goes on within the mind of a nurse who is diagnosed with Parkinson’s in mid-life.

“He overcame the odds when he went from a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease to — just three years later — becoming the inaugural winner of CTV’s The Amazing Race Canada. He believes that, like many others who suffer with a myriad of other ailments, we can live to our fullest when we choose to persevere.”


How humour can help to save a life | Todd Scott

Can humour save your life?

“Did you know that saving a life is as easy as making toast? Todd shows you how you can make a difference and save someone’s life.”

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Global Energy — Small vs. Large Scale Generation | Derek Neufeld

1 in 5 people in the world doesn’t have access to electricity. That’s a pretty compelling stat considering how much we rely on electricity for our home and business.

“Small is good. We can affect big changes with small ideas, especially when it comes to power generation. Derek shows us how to change the lives of those without access to power, and the implications are huge; especially in disaster-hit areas.”

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Mark Glucki

Mark has been developing digital blog communities for 10+ years that connect business and tech pros with their inspirational stories. He developed a North American best practice for creating positive experiences on social media networks and spends as much time learning about entrepreneur success stories as he does producing content for others to enjoy. Mark is also a commercial photographer focusing on product and location images. His work can be seen at Wonderlab Photo.

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