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Imagine This Was the Internet of Things

Imagine you're watching your favourite TV show when…CUT TO COMMERCIAL:

"I'm always working late and never home on time to feed my tabby, Mr. Jingles. I feel so bad for him!"


"I once got stuck two extra days on a trip because of flight delays. The worst part was that my cute Patches was home alone the whole time — lonely and sad without any company."


"I hate when I'm trapped in rush hour traffic instead of taking care of my Himalayan Persian, Professor Purrington."


ANNOUNCER VOICE-OVER: Does this sound like you? Do you love your pet so much, but don't have enough time to be there when it needs you? Doesn't there have to be a better way?

Well now there is! Introducing iFeline: the world's first M2M cat feeding and monitoring control system, dedicated to making YOU the best pet owner you can be.

With iFeline, never again will you be caught away from home while Mr. Jingles is waiting for food, water or company. Instead, we've invented this revolutionary system to monitor your cat's inner emotions and take the guesswork out of pet ownership. Just plug iFeline in and sync your furry pet's paw print and audible meow to the cat docking station. iFeline takes care of the rest by detecting when your cat needs food, water, a toy mouse to play with or a gentle mist to remind her to stop scratching the furniture.

iFeline: What's good for your pet, is great for you! Get one today at…

Imagine if "catvertising" and products like this existed? iFeline is just our playful way to show how M2M (Machine to machine) and the Internet of Things (IoT) could work in different ways. It may not seem like too far a stretch, especially for the devoted cat fans out there. And for you movie buffs, you might remember how Doc wired up his automatic pet feeder in Back to the Future. But unlike timed devices, iFeline and M2M devices take a huge leap forward by detecting real-time needs and relaying those messages. This real-time integration is the key for businesses who can now apply innovative new methods of efficiency using IoT. 

Could machines and devices connect together even more, including to living things, and make our tasks easier? Likely so. With the vast networks that already exist, devices can send data back and forth between each other, signalling when actions should be taken. This is the premise behind M2M and it's what the Internet of Things revolution is based upon. If this isn't part of your current business strategy, take some time to reflect upon how M2M can integrate into your company. There is already accessible technology that can help you become more efficient, connected and prepared for your business tasks.


1. If you're curious about M2M and why it's gotten so much buzz lately, read our previous post on the subject.

2. If you're interested in how the Internet of Things came to be, we review the history of the emerging trend so you can learn all about how it may impact your business. 

3. This video from Telstra in Australia gives a nice case study on M2M abroad, using an innovative new bus-pass system to get transit riders around from place to place. (Plus their accents are just great!)

4. And finally, Cisco has a great video on M2M and the Internet of Things to explain what it's all about and how it can fit in a practical way into your business.

Has your company implemented an Internet of Things strategy yet? Tell us in the comment section below.


Feature illustration by Winnipeger and MTS Business Hub contributor, Erica Glasier.

Feline images by Tim Simpson, Jon-Eric Malsaeter and SPTDV.

Mark Glucki

Mark has been developing digital blog communities for 10+ years that connect business and tech pros with their inspirational stories. He developed a North American best practice on creating great experiences on social networks and spends as much time learning about entrepreneur success stories as he does producing content for others to enjoy. Mark is also a commercial photographer focusing on product and location images. His work can be seen at Wonderlab Photo.

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