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How your office is like Ghostbusters & Suicide Squad

Summer blockbusters: from movie theatres to your cubicle. 

Ghostbusters and Suicide Squad like your office

Do you ever watch a movie and wonder “Man, I wonder what would it be like to work there?” And I don’t mean on a movie set. I mean as one of the quirky and talented Ghostbusters. Or as part of the dynamic, but ruthless Suicide Squad.

Well, look around the office where you spend your days. You might discover that once you take away the ectoplasm and running gun fights, these summer blockbusters have a lot in common with the team and managers you work with…in a good way!

I Ain’t Afraid of No Innovation

Ghostbusters, after all, is essentially about a very unique and lean startup trying to not just make its mark in an emerging market but CREATE that market. Just as Apple invented the touch-based smartphone that nobody knew they needed until they had it in their hands, and Pebble created demand for the smartwatch, the Ghostbusters proved there are actually ghosts – and invented the Proton Containment Laser to catch them (sorry if that’s a spoiler for you. But if so…seriously?). Until they came along, no one even knew there were ghosts to be afraid of, and now it’s a high demand service!

The Ghostbusters also know a thing or two about branding. Blasting around town in their “Eco-1” car with its lights blazing and a huge logo on the side, they might remind you of the smart on-the-street branding done by microbreweries who convert classic cars and trucks into rolling billboards for their brands.

And, with four female founders taking the lead, the Ghostbusters are an example of a modern, diverse workplace that’s blasted the glass ceiling to shards.

Your office meets the DC Extended Universe

Then there’s the Suicide Squad.

What do you get when Deadshot, the Joker, Harley Quinn and a bunch of other comic book villains get together to try and save the day?

Aside from the makings of a lucrative Hollywood franchise, they’re an amazing example of how smart companies can identify the “workplace rebels” in their midst and channel their energy to help these passionate high achievers reach corporate goals (in the case of Suicide Squad, to save the world).

Okay, the Suicide Squad takes it a little far and you probably don’t want the Joker showing up at the company picnic. But look around the room and identify the workplace rebels you work with. These are the people who don’t like to follow the rules but are passionate, care deeply about the company and their coworkers and are driven to succeed at all costs.

Workplace rebels don’t mind disagreeing with their bosses if they think they’re wrong — and don’t suffer fools lightly. As a result, they can rub people the wrong way – and if they aren’t handled correctly, they can get frustrated, angry, negative and disruptive.

Smart companies embrace these rebels, teach them better ways to work with people (rather than against them), and refocus their energy in positive ways that will help fulfill their passions. They turn their potentially disruptive force into a superpower that can lead to incredible things.

Stay tuned for how your office is like Star Trek Beyond. In the meantime, tell us how your office is like these summer blockbusters in the comments section below.

Robert Hardy

Robert Hardy is a Vancouver-based television producer, writer and development consultant. Through his company Perfect Day Productions, Robert works with leading producers, writers and networks to help create innovative new television series, digital media and documentaries.

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