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How to score your dream job at a forward-thinking company

Applying at an innovative company? Read this insider advice first.

score your dream job

We’ve all heard about free meals, generous vacation days, ball pits and arcades at the likes of Google. When we think about forward-thinking companies, the first few things that come to mind are flexible work hours, casual and fun work environments and employee perks. 

Here in Manitoba, companies are beginning to ditch traditional office rules and adopt more exciting and less stringent corporate cultures, all in hopes of attracting and keeping talented, bright employees.

Bold Commerce, an innovative software company that specializes in eCommerce solutions and app development, is paving the way for forward-thinking company cultures in Manitoba. The company was founded in Ile des Chenes in January 2013 by a team of four, and has since surpassed 100 employees. With flexible hours, free daily catered lunches, a bonus & incentive program, an arcade and more, Bold is swiftly becoming “the” place to work for millennials in the Manitoba tech industry.

You might remember Bold Commerce from our video and interview series last year. Keep reading until the end to see the video.

We spoke to Kevin Hnatiuk, Chief Operating Officer and Chantal Grindle, HR Manager at Bold, for some insight into what it takes to become a member of the team. If you're on the job hunt for a forward-thinking position, take this great advice to heart.

Q. The Bold Commerce Careers page encourages "Builders" who think they have what it takes to be Bold to apply for open positions. What does that mean to you? What really stands out to you/what do you look for when shortlisting applicants for interviews, particularly when many of them have the same qualifications?

Being a Bold Builder means getting results. You love what you do and wouldn't be complete without achieving your next project milestone. A Builder's emphasis is on the Customer > Team > Individual and that should come across in everything you do.

When candidates tell us about their extra curricular activities, we don't put as much value in a person that volunteers for a charity. We're more interested in people who created the charity, or built a program or an app to manage it.

What stands out first is the overall effort put into a resume. Was it specific to Bold and what we have outlined in our posting?

Add some creativity and wow us! Tell us what you are going to bring to the table when you're working here.   

Q. What, in your opinion, are the best moves young people can make to get themselves noticed in a sea of resumes? Do you have any particular suggestions, such as video resumes or blogs tailored to the job?

We want to see what you do in your spare time, so show us your passion projects.

Many people aren't currently in a job they're thrilled about, so show us how your extra-curricular activities (developing new apps, building a spaceship) make you a Bold Builder. Send us a link to your GitHub Repository. Give us a reason to care.

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Q. Without naming names, can you recall the most impressive application you've received at Bold so far? What did that person do to make you really interested in meeting him or her?

We've had some great examples.

Many candidates have built their own Shopify store to demonstrate their knowledge about our primary business partner, but we had one candidate go even further. Not only did they build a Shopify store, but they personalized everything about it using Bold's Apps. Some of their customizations included using our Product Options App to book the interview, Product Upsell to pick their attire (we picked PJ's), and what food they should bring to the interview! It was totally awesome and YES, they arrived in PJ's with Bronuts in hand. This showcased the creativity and passion needed to work at Bold, and the sugar high was an added bonus.

For a marketing position we had a resume come formatted as a Bold Blog post. The content was specific to the role and showcased the skill set listed in the job description. In the content they bragged about their talent for making killer shortbread, which they proved by bringing some to the interview. (The shortbread was even in the same shape and colour as our logo – bonus points).

In short, being creative and demonstrating relevant skills will almost always get you a face-to-face interview at Bold. It's up to you to prove you have what it takes to join the team.

Q. What is one piece of sage advice you would give to young people and millennials to help them score the dream job at a cool, innovative company like Bold?

Personalize your application and showcase who you are.

Generic resumes show us you're just job hunting for anything — which is lame. Make us feel special! Demonstrate your skill set, your personality, what you can bring to the party, and how you are the perfect fit for Bold. Show us your passion.

If you're ready to move to a forward-thinking company, take this advice and make it your own. Each company is different, but the Bold advice can go a long way if applied correctly. 

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Stefanie Cutrona is an online marketer, corporate videographer and writer who's worked with a number of clients across Canada, including Vancouver and Calgary. She holds a diploma in Creative Communications from Red River College and has worked in various online marketing roles over the years, specializing in paid online advertising. She is passionate about the digital world and loves everything music, travel and the arts.

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