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How to boost posts on Facebook

An easy, quick & inexpensive tool for advertising on Facebook.

You normally post content on your business’s Facebook page, which then appears in the News Feeds of some of your followers — but not all of them. Even with an amazing post, you may not get the results you’re looking for because of this limited reach.

Boosting a post ensures it’s seen by a much wider audience, by making the post appear higher in the News Feeds of key audiences you’ve targeted. Not only will boosted posts be seen by more prospects, those posts will also remain visible on your Page, which helps keep your content fresh and engaging.

How do I boost a post?

You're in luck, since boosting a post on Facebook is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to launch social advertising. 

You can turn any existing post on your Page into an ad by simply pressing "Boost" on that individual piece of content. A lightbox will appear that offers you targeting options, start and end dates, space to tailor your copy and images, and budgeting options. 

facebook bost post button

You can boost any post at any time, select budgets that range from a few dollars and up, then target key demographics that will have a better chance of engaging with your call to action. 

What content should I boost?

No matter what your business objective is online, a boosted post can contribute to your goals. If your objective is to increase engagement such as comments, likes, reactions or video views directly on Facebook, these posts can boost that engagement. If you want to drive traffic to a website or landing page for a new offer or promotion, they can help with that, too. You can generate leads, promote event registration and get prospects interested in your brand.

Any existing post from your business Page can be boosted, including photos, videos and special offers. But you may want to create brand new content with the intention of turning it into an ad.

As a starting point, look at the results of previous Page posts. Which ones performed the best and generated the most engagement organically? Those could indicate the types of content that will get the most reaction with help from some ad dollars. Boosting a post that is already performing well means that your content is probably relevant and interesting to your followers, so putting some money behind it to drive that reach and engagement is a wise decision.

And the bonus? Setting up a boosted post is much easier and faster than setting up a "Facebook Ad," which includes more advanced targeting and options. (We'll discuss that in future posts.) Overall, the boosted posts process is fairly simple, with relatively few options when it comes to choosing an objective and audience targeting.

How much does it cost to boost a post?

The cost to boost your post is based on the number of people you want to reach. Basically, the more people you want to see the post, the more you pay. You can spend anywhere from a few dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on your budget.

When you boost a post, you select a budget of how much you want to pay. You can then view an estimate of the number of people that the post will reach. Then, you can select the duration of time you want the post to be boosted so that it aligns with any campaigns or offers you have in market, or if you just want to test the waters and see how your audience will react. 

Cost to boost posts on Facebook

How do I target my boosted posts?

Boosted posts appear in the News Feeds of the people you have targeted, and are labelled as “Sponsored” posts. They don’t appear in the right column of Facebook, like a Facebook Ad does. So your promoted content can often feel more organic to your audience, and integrate into the rest of the news and updates they read on a regular basis.

You can target your boosted posts a few different ways. Decide if you want to get the attention of just your followers, your followers and their friends, or spread your message further by reaching completely new audiences outside of your network. There are many options for targeting based on different demographics, including people's location, age, language, interests and behaviors. 

The targeting can be a very powerful tool for social advertisers and companies looking to reach a new set of customers. For example, if you launch a product in a new city, you can geographically target people in that city only. This helps you maximize your budget by excluding the people who would get no benefit from the ad in the first place.

Try boosting a post for a couple of days to start. Check back every day to see how the post is performing, and extend you budget if you're seeing the intended results. The beauty of a boosted post is that you can always make changes as you go. If the post isn't performing well, just make some adjustments — or pause the activity and try a different approach with a new piece of content.

Stay tuned to the Business Hub for more ways to craft your Facebook Ads along with best practices to reach your targeted audiences.

And check out part one of the Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ads for Business series, which provides an overall introduction to the benefits of advertising with Facebook.

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Shannon Vaughan

Shannon Vaughan is a dedicated and creative social media strategist based in Winnipeg with expertise in developing social media plans, social media analytics and creating fun, innovative and exciting social media campaigns. A former communications professional in the Toronto not-for-profit sector, she has written for several other blogs in the past and has experience managing a wide range of communications, including developing media materials and dynamic web content.

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