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How this Winnipeg business is developing an app to save lives

Mobile app tested by Manitoba paramedics & first responders.

Digital technology is advancing at an incredible rate, and its positive effects are no more evident than when applied to the field of healthcare. One Winnipeg mobile app developer is gaining some major attention in this area, as it has created an incredible new tool that has the potential to save countless lives.

MedicHero is a mobile application service that serves as a dedicated resource for first responders. It was initially developed by Chief Brand Officer (CBO) Luc Bohunicky and his team at CONSULTICA for the Paramedic Association of Manitoba.

MedicHero Paramedic Association of Manitoba

Luc and the team at CONSULTICA are no strangers to app development. They’ve been developing mobile apps for 10 years now, working with a variety of Canadian and American businesses including a Fortune 500 company. With 20 million users and over 100 mobile applications, they’ve made a real name for themselves.

Identifying a need, creating a solution

After realizing the potential use of MedicHero by paramedic associations on a global scale, Luc has been pursuing this new opportunity as aggressively as possible.

“Paramedics aren’t just glorified ambulance drivers,” he says. “They’re mobile responders who need to have as much access to timely, relevant information as possible. In their line of work seconds matter, and MedicHero is designed to help them save as much time as possible.”

Consultica MedicHero app

Out with the old, in with the new

Despite recent developments in mobile technology, paramedics still rely on antiquated tools like ring-bound binders to find information that could save a life.

“It was such an inefficient system,” Luc explains. “But with MedicHero, first responders can (use) an easy to navigate digital interface which can help them do their jobs more efficiently and save more lives.”

MedicHero’s interface can be used to quickly find information like the location of the closest hospital, calculate doses of medication and even show medics in-depth information like how to deliver a baby.

MedicHero Interface

Bringing MedicHero to a wider audience

Currently, around 1500 paramedics throughout Manitoba have access to MedicHero and roughly 400 have been actively participating in the testing phase of the v.1.0 mobile app. As with all first version apps, improvements are on the horizon, and member feedback will be a key component to optimizing the MedicHero experience.

Luc has also been taking the app on the road to help first responders in national and international communities and is developing it further for use with hospitals and emergency rooms.

“I just got back from the Connected Health conference in Washington, D.C. and I’m really excited to pursue how MedicHero can help pass data collected from the app to hospitals and ER’s to help improve wait times and patient flow,” Luc explains. “I’m currently looking to work more with health care providers in general, to learn how we can grow the app’s functionality and improve patient care.”

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