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Future Tech: Tattoo Computers, Never-ending Battery Life & Shock Alarm Clocks

This week in the world of innovation and technology, we look at tattoo-type computer screens, the ultimate battery power and 

Stick a Computer Screen Directly On Your Skin

From Engadget: "Eventually, wearable displays might be so thin that they effectively blend into your skin. University of Tokyo researchers have developed an optoelectronic skin whose polymer LEDs and organic photodetectors are so thin that they practically blend in with your body. If it weren't for the thin film needed to attach the display in the first place, it'd look like a tattoo."

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Batteries That Never Die?

From ComputerWorld: "The discovery could lead to vastly longer lifespans for batteries in computers, smartphones, appliances, cars and spacecraft."

"Researchers at the University of California at Irvine (UCI)…discovered how to increase the tensile strength of nanowires that could be used to make lithium-ion batteries last virtually forever."

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The Wake-Up Shock to Start Your Day

From Engadget: "The Shock Clock band uses fear and electricity to wake you up."

"The idea behind the Shock Clock is pretty simple: Punch in your desired wake-up time then tell it to vibrate, beep or give you an electric shock (or all three, in that order) to wake you up. It's aimed at chronic "snoozers" for whom loud music, the radio and regular alarm clocks aren't enough. Unlike conventional methods, though, the idea here isn't to shock you every morning. Pavlok claims it's to program yourself — via aversion therapy — into permanently becoming a morning person."

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Tom Connon

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