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Future Tech: Self-healing clothing & the "Solowheel"

Here's what fascinated us in the world of tech and innovation this week.

Clothing that can heal itself: Say goodbye to ripped jeans.

"As shown in the video below, researchers at Pennsylvania State University recently developed a polyelectrolyte liquid solution made of bacteria and yeast that automatically mends clothes.

"It doesn't have a name yet, but it's almost miraculous. Simply douse two halves of a ripped fabric in the stuff, hold them together under warm water for about 60 seconds, and the fabric closes the gaps and clings together once more. Having a bit of extra fabric on hand does seem to help, as the video mainly focuses on patching holes rather than re-knitting two halves of a torn piece. 

"The team got the idea by observing how proteins in squid teeth and human hair are able to self-replicate. Then, they recreated the process using more readily available materials. Best of all, it works with almost all natural fabrics." – Motherboard

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Solowheel is like a hoverboard, Segway & unicycle in one


"Ted McDonald, the president of Solowheel, is trying to build up my confidence. Known to the running world as "Barefoot Ted," McDonald stands astride his Solowheel—a battery-powered, self-balancing unicycle that looks like a baby Segway—and calmly directs me around the light poles and sandwich boards on Fifth Avenue as he sips a cup of coffee. …

solowheel"McDonald became the president of Solowheel on August 9. He grew up in the skate and surfer culture of Southern California, and his website bio claims he's "committed to rediscovering primal human capacities and encouraging others to do the same." As part of his personal/professional ethos, he embraces the notion that the human body is not broken, as some athletic companies would have us believe with their fancy technologies. Partly to prove this point, he runs ultramarathons without shoes. Hence the "barefoot" moniker. …

"He envisions city centers teeming with "nothing but people, bicycles, human-powered and human-speed vehicles," and he sees the Solowheel in that mix. He's quick to reel off the machine's advantages." – The Stranger

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New virtual reality headset doesn't need phone or computer to operate

virtual reality headset Intel

"Moving one step beyond Samsung's Gear VR, Intel just announced Project Alloy, an all-in-one VR headset that doesn't need to be connected to a phone or computer. Yes, that means it's completely wireless, with its own processor and battery. Alloy can also track rooms on its own, and it tracks your fingers for interacting with virtual objects. There's also a camera that lets you see other objects in the room, as well as nearby people. It's part of Intel's push around "merged reality," which combines VR and augmented reality into a single cohesive experience." – engadget

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