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Future Tech: Hyperloop, Ant-Man Suit & Swallow This Mini Robot

Here's what has us buzzing this week in the world of technology and innovation.

Hyperloop Test Could Mean Radicalization of Transportation & Shipping Industries

"Hyperloop One is one of the companies attempting to take the hyperloop from Elon Musk's imagination to real-world application."

"The Hyperloop—a futuristic magnetic levitation transportation system that promises to make it possible for people or cargo to travel at 750 miles an hour in comfortable pods between San Francisco and Los Angeles in as little as 30 minutes—could be very big business. Got doubts? Look at Hyperloop One, which today announced an $80 million Series B round of financing, as well as a series of partnerships with global leaders in industries like transportation, engineering, architecture, passenger and freight economics, and tunneling."

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Suit Could Make You a Real-World Ant-Man

Well, maybe the super-strength aspect. Take a look.

"Imagine if you had a magical pair of trousers that made your backpack feel just that bit lighter, or that preserved the fluid joint movements of your youth as you age.

"This is slowly becoming a reality.

"In a study published Thursday in the Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, researchers at Harvard University lay out their latest updates on an exosuit that they’ve been working on for the last two years.

“The aim is to develop wearable robots that can augment the performance of healthy individuals by reducing their energy expenditure when walking with heavy loads,” said Conor Walsh, study co-author and an associate professor of engineering and applied sciences at Harvard, over email."

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Swallow This Mini Origami Robot to Save Your Life

"Imagine this: you accidentally swallowed a battery (!), and to get it out, you need to take a pill that turns into a robot. Researchers from MIT, the University of Sheffield and the Tokyo Institute of Technology have developed a new kind of origami robot that transforms into a microsurgeon inside your stomach. They squished the accordion-like robot made of dried pig intestine inside a pill, which the stomach acid dissolves. A magnet embedded in the middle allows you or a medical practitioner to control the microsurgeon from the outside using another magnet. It also picks up the battery or other objects stuck inside your stomach."

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Catch last week's Future Tech article featuring drones that drop medicine in remote areas, smart watches that use your skin as a touchscreen, and a smart surfboard that keeps you connected while catching waves.

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