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Future Tech: Healthcare, Your Skin as a Touchscreen & Connected Surfboards

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We've seen a lot of cool technology and innovative ideas coming to the forefront of the healthcare industry, including the delivery of medical aid. There have been incredible advances in wearables as these devices can now interact with your physical body in whole new ways. And sporting goods are getting complete makeovers as technology is getting embedded right within traditional gear.

Here's what has us buzzing this week in the world of future tech.

Drones to Drop Blood Into Medical Stations

"Drones generally fall into two categories: military weapons and annoying toys. Everyone seems to have an idea for making them useful—Amazon wants to use them for deliveries, Facebook sees them beaming the Internet to remote areas—but so far it all seems so very outlandish.

"A California startup called Zipline has a practical plan to use the devices for good.

"Later this year the company, working with UPS and vaccine distributer Gavi, plans to deploy a fleet of drones in Rwanda, where the machines will deliver medical supplies. The goal is to see 15 autonomous aircraft flying out of a centralized hub make 150 deliveries each day to 21 medical stations throughout the western half of the country."

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Your Skin Becomes a Smartwatch Touchscreen

"One of the biggest challenges with smartwatches is trying to navigate through apps on a relatively tiny screen. While smartphones and tablets have gotten bigger over the years, the gadgets we wear on our wrists need to stay small to avoid looking terribly unfashionable. Today a team at the Future Interfaces Group, a research lab within Carnegie Mellon University, released a look at a novel solution to this problem: making the skin on your arm and hand act like a touchscreen for your smartwatch."

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A Surfboard That Keeps You Connected at Sea

"All technology companies are chasing what comes after the smartphone. Is it the smartwatch? Is it virtual reality? Is it an internet-connected surfboard? Samsung thinks so. It's definitely not April Fools' day anymore, but Samsung Brazil has created a commercial featuring Brazilian surfer Gabriel Medina and a wild Samsung Galaxy Surfboard concept.

"It looks like any regular sleek surfboard, except it has an LED display that's powered by a Samsung Galaxy S7 that slots into the base of the board. Samsung's melodramatic commercial features Medina as a lonely surfer who needs messages of encouragement flashing up beneath his feet. It looks like Samsung's concept surfboard is primarily designed to let fans send messages of encouragement through Twitter, but it also has some useful information beyond the marketing."

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