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Future Tech: Gaming Gear, Super Small SSD & Bendable Wrist Phones

Here's what has us buzzing this week in the world of tech and innovation.

Gaming Gear: Backpack PCs will help you avoid VR cable catastrophe

"HP revealed an arsenal of new gaming gear yesterday, but it had one more device up it's sleeve. Another PC that's part of the recently announced Omen line is a backpack machine that's VR-ready. It's still in development, so details are a bit scarce at this point, but the mobile setup packs a Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, up to 32GB RAM and everything else you'll need to power an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. There's no word on the graphics card just yet, but a belt holds two batteries — one for the CPU and one for the graphics card." – Engadget

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Super Small SSD: Samsung's Powerful New SSD Is Smaller Than a Stamp

"Samsung's latest solid-state drive (SSD) is smaller than a US postage stamp, and weighs about the same.

"The new SSD, which goes by the catchy PM971-NVMe moniker, is "the industry's first NVMe PCIe solid state drive in a single ball grid array package," Samsung says. Its tiny size (20mm by 16mm by 1.5mm and 1 gram) means it will fit nicely innext-generation PCs and ultra-slim notebook PCs." – PC Magazine

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Like a Slap Bracelet?: Lenovo shows off a bendable phone for your wrist

"At Lenovo's big keynote in San Francisco today, CTO Peter Hortensius introduced a new bendable screen that snaps around the wrist like an old-school slap bracelet. It's the company's way of moving into a hingeless device era.

"Screenwriter and producer Meghan McCarthy of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fame, planted in the audience, got up to demonstrate the new technology. She wrapped a seemingly active phone screen onto her wrist. There was an audible cracking sound, but the screen snapped on like a bulky wristband. Next she moved on to a folding tablet with cat faces. She bent it in half and put the flexible screen next to her ear, pretending to make a call." – Engadget

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