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Fast-paced engineering startup takes different approach to business growth

Watch: Phantom Motion’s President discuss strategy, being an entrepreneur and working in Manitoba.

Brendan Guyot is President of Phantom Motion, a Winnipeg engineering company that specializes in product and technology development services.

Brendan founded the company just a little over three years ago when he and his business partner left their day jobs to offer their engineering skills to local clients. With a love for engineering, and the ability to use their technical skills in way that can help others, they were eager to start a company in a fast-paced environment.

Now they work with clients in the medical, aerospace, agriculture, consumer products and industrial tech industries, along with development services for the military.

Some start-ups and business have a very quick growth path, but it doesn’t work in all cases. For Phantom Motion, Brendan and his team have taken a different approach that is working very well.

Phantom Motion Winnipeg Manitoba

“We’re trying to balance our objectives of growth for our company while still delivering outstanding results for our clients.”

He goes on to explain the company’s goal of having a “slow and steady growth path rather than trying to grow too quickly” so that they are always focusing on their client needs.

In their first year, refining their key services as an organization was one of their big challenges, but they’ve come a long way in three years.

“We’re best at delivering product and technology development services. And we’re the best at figuring out what the right technologies are for that specific product or application, and how to get you there the fastest way, speak to the market, keep costs controlled and minimized while delivering an outstanding result. We don’t want to leave anything unturned.”

That translates into major benefits for Phantom Motion’s clients. And it’s something Brendan speaks about with pride.

“We make sure that the engineering aspects are covered, the testing and certification is all covered, and we make sure that a seamless transition to manufacturing enables our clients to succeed quickly.”

Phantom Motion Winnipeg Manitoba

The company’s success comes with such strong customer focus and attention to excellence. But it’s also due, in part, to where they do business.

Brendan explains how being located in Manitoba has had a such a positive impact on his business.

“We have a really strong education system here among our universities. We have an outstanding workforce who are dedicated and hardworking. Plus we have a diversified economy that’s helping us — when certain industries have a downturn, others pick up. I think those things lead to strength in our economy.”

And the nature of the people in Manitoba have had such a great impact, as Brendan explains that it’s the “personal element of being able to work with people directly” that is so positive. Building great relationships in the business community has clearly been a great advantage for this growing local company.

Looking to the future, Brendan sees technology being able to offer a lot of potential in their field of excellence. “Electronics are becoming smaller and becoming more powerful. The technologies make a real difference in people’s lives and solve problems to drive innovation.”

And he’s also excited about the startup and entrepreneur community in Manitoba. With such buzz over the past five years, the excitement for future growth is outstanding, and Brendan gives advice for others looking to start their own business.

“Find your strengths and what you can offer than nobody else can. Figure out where you can be the best. To me, those are the things that really drove our business, and what I think others should look for as well.”


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