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Fashionable human skin & saving ferrets with peanut butter

Future tech: The fascinating technology that peeked our interest from the past week.

The beauty of technology is that there are always innovations around the corner. Some are useful, and some fall a little flat. This week, we explore some of the odd stories in technology we came across. You be the judge if they're the future of tech or just a flash in the pan.

Turn your airport luggage into a tail

"A pilot invented this $18 plastic hook for your belt/waistband that can tow a 25lb rollaboard around the airport behind you, leaving you hands-free as you maneuver the concourse." —Boing Boing

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"Leather" fashion accessories made out of human skin

Pure Human fashion Alexander McQueen

"Millions of fans choose to dress like their idols. Others buy outfits from the multitude of clothing lines or cosmetic ranges endorsed or designed by Hollywood stars. But would you — could you — ever wear a leather jacket or carry a handbag containing their DNA?

"The Central Saint Martins graduate Tina Gorjanc believes that advances in tissue-engineering technology could create a highly lucrative and hitherto untapped niche within the luxury market. Last month, she unveiled Pure Human, a range of leather prototypes that she theorizes could be grown from DNA extracted from hair samples of the fashion designer Alexander McQueen. …

"The 26-year-old, originally from Slovenia, was standing near her mock-up collection of stylish biker jackets and totes, at this stage made out of pigskin. The flesh-toned pieces bore freckles, sunburn and tattoo etchings that matched those once found on Mr. McQueen’s body." — The New York Times

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Drones drop peanut butter 'bombs' to help feed endangered ferrets

Prairie Dogs and ferrets

"As early as this fall, prairie dogs in Montana could experience a magical phenomenon unlike anything they’ve ever witnessed: tasty, bite-sized, peanut butter treats falling from the heavens like drops of rain.

"What the prairie dogs won’t know is that these treats are being strategically administered by aerial drones manned by conservationists at US Fish and Wildlife Services. And they aren’t just a tasty snack, but a specially-designed vaccine intended to keep the prairie dogs plague-free—so that black-footed ferrets can kill and eat them. Don’t tell the prairie dogs.

"“It’s basically a contraption that would be attached to the bottom of the drone and it would spin and, at a periodic rate, pop out these bait in various directions,” said Ryan Moehring, a public affairs specialist at Fish and Wildlife Services’ Mountain Prairie region, describing the device designed to dole out the vaccine-laced treats." — Motherboard

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