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Ditch the office whiteboard & get this new "Jamboard"

Future Tech: app to spot dangers at the beach.

Here’s what had us buzzing this week in the world of IT and tech innovation.

Google introduces new “Jamboard” to replace the standard office whiteboard

Google Jamboard

“Google is off to a solid start with the ‘we make hardware now’ thing. The Pixel phone is great, Google Home and Google Wi-Fi look promising, and Chromecast is already really popular. Now comes Jamboard, a modern spin on an old-school tool: the whiteboard.

The 55-inch 4K touchscreen is the first hardware product in Google’s rebranded G Suite of cloud-based tools—you know, things like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Docs. Those tools make long-distance collaboration easy online, but that can break down once everyone is in the same room. People have to agree which tool to use, and trying to sort it all out hampers spontaneity.

‘We thought that might somehow limit creativity,’ says Jonathan Rochelle, director of product for G Suite. ‘It made it so that when people wanted to be creative and collaborative, they can’t do the same thing at the same time. That bothered us, because the reason you’re in a meeting is to collaborate.’

The big-screen Jamboard session is essentially replicated on the tablet: You can add things, rearrange them, and pull in images or maps from a side menu. The interactions are limited on a phone, but you see everything on the board in real time, and you can add text or create digital sticky notes.  …” Wired

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Spot sharks and riptides with augmented reality app

“This might be more useful in Australia than back home in Canada, but there is more than meets the eye on this technology. Imagine the possibilities at the beach, cottage country and out on the winter ski-doo trails. Or the potential for augmented reality in our rich tourism industry and for the many year-round cultural events.

Think of it as Pokémon Go, but for rips, submerged rocks and shallow sandbars.

Samsung Australia is currently trialing a free augmented reality app called Pocket Patrol in partnership with Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA). The Android app is being piloted for four weeks at Queensland’s Coolum Beach and Alexandra Headland.

Samsung Pocket Patrol app

While looking at your phone may not seem the most natural beach activity, the app is meant to engage and educate beachgoers about ocean dangers.

‘Anything that’s been identified on the beach by a lifesaver will be presented to you on the screen as you pan down the beach,’ Newton explained.

Salt water and sand aren’t a perfect pairing for electronics, and it remains to be seen whether beachgoers like the idea of giving up swimming and tanning time to learn more about water conditions. Still, any means to learn more about rips seems a good idea.” – Mashable

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