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Cool Tech: Robot Armies, The Ultimate Guitar Tool & We Say Oui!

Here are a few of the incredible innovations that got us buzzing this week in the world of technology.

Guitar Tuning 2.0

The Roadie Tuner is touted as "The Ultimate Guitarist Tool" since it can precisely tune a guitar to perfect pitch in about a minute. Three times more precise than the human ear, it's capable of standard and custom tuning that can all be tracked in its mobile app.

Robots in the Wild

I don't know if this one is amazing or scary, but either way it's stuff from right out of the movies. Watch as these robotic humans from Boston Dynamics open doors, lift themselves up after being pushed over, and walk through rough snowy terrain, seeming determined to move forward unscathed. 

Translate a Photocopy

Put in a sheet of paper and a copy comes out in another language. C'est trop bien!

If you love this concept, you could also try out the Xerox Easy Translator app for iOS which can do the same thing—snap a photo and it translates for you. Pretty promising. Let us know how it works for you in the comment section below.

Craving more cool tech? Check out our coverage of Nixie, the flying boomeranging selfie camera.

Mark Glucki

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