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Cool Tech: Glass Reinvented in Cars, Wearables & Eyewear

Here's what has us talking about tech this week. It's all about advances in glass and the applications in everyday products, plus the "rebirth" of what we thought would be an everyday product…Google Glass.

Ford Creating a Movie Screen on Your Car Windshield? 

Via, this one will change the glass in your car windshield, plus the entire way you use your vehicle.

"The American motor company has filed a patent for an "Autonomous Vehicle Entertainment System" to be used in self-driving cars. In simple terms, that's a windscreen that turns into a 50-inch plus movie screen.

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Eye Glasses Reinvented Using Same Tech From Smartphone Cameras

Your eye glasses are about to get a massive tech makeover. In particular, if you wear bifocals then you may one day be switching over to an innovative liquid crystal, as described by Popular Mechanics

"It happens to everyone—you get older and your near-sighted vision fades, an ailment known as presbyopia. Inevitably you end up tilting your head back to peer through the bottom of a pair of multifocal glasses just to read something."

"An Israeli company called Deep Optics thinks its new high-tech glasses lens can change that. The "omnifocals" have the ability to change their optical power in real time, allowing the wearer to look wherever he or she wants without limiting the field of view or compromising clarity."

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The Rebirth of Google Glass? Well, Kind Of…

This isn't actually Google Glass, but it sure looks familiar. Alto Tech has introduced a "Cool Glass" wearable, currently available in China, but making it's way to other markets this spring. explains the product further.

"Not surprisingly, no one at the Alto Tech booth at CES wanted to call its Cool Glass a knockoff of Google Glass."

"Sure, it looks almost identical. The name’s nearly the same. But Alto Tech representatives said that it developed a custom fork of Android to power it, and that the applications it developed were proprietary. (There’s an SDK for developers to tap into, too.)"

"But I’ve used Glass, and unless my memory deceives me, Cool Glass offers nearly the same experience at a fraction of the price…"

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