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Beware of the ‘Super Monster Wolf’ robot!

Halloween Future Tech: Featuring smart tombstones, creepy robot spiders & nightmare tech.

This ‘robo-wolf’ scarecrow could be straight out of a horror film

A ‘robo-wolf’ scarecrow

From Motherboard:

My goodness, look at this thing. This is an angry, hairy robo-wolf.

According to The Japan News, this mechanized beast was introduced on a trial basis in Kisarazu in southwest Chiba Prefecture, and is on loan to agricultural cooperative association JA Kisarazu-shi. It’s called “Super Monster Wolf” because, of course, it is.

It’s about a foot and a half tall and two feet long, which is pretty close to the size of a real wolf. A real wolf, however, doesn’t have quite the same “spawned from the bowels of hell” look.

The robowolf detects intruders with an infrared ray sensor, flashes its red LED eyes, and cycles through 18 different intimidating sounds, including a growl, a human voice, and a gunshot.

In video footage taken by Kyota Tsutsumi of Japanese news outlet The Asahi Shimbun, the mecawolf swings its matted head around to bare its teeth at onlookers. A long, sad howl echoes over a green field, for dramatic impact. It looks every inch like the G’mork from The NeverEnding Story.

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Smart tombstones to stay connected — from beyond the grave

Smart tombstones

From Vocativ:

You’d think that once you die you could finally escape this world in which everything is connected to the Internet, but a Slovenian company wants to make sure you remain hooked up to the grid even when you’re lying motionless in your grave.

Bioenergija claims to be reinventing the tombstone with 48-inch interactive screens that show pictures, videos, and other digital content when your loved ones arrive.

“This tombstone makes it possible to put anything next to the deceased person’s name and surname, you can write an entire novel if you like,” Saso Radovanovic, head of Bioenergija, told Reuters. “The tombstone has a sensor so that when nobody is around it only shows the person’s name and the years of their birth and death … this saves energy and the screen itself, and helps extend the tombstone’s lifetime.”

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This creepy crawly robot spider will give you the willies

A creepy crawly robot spider

From BGR:

It’s estimated that as much as 30 per cent of the population has some degree of arachnophobia, making it one of the more common fears among humanity. It makes sense of course, given that spiders are creepy, unpredictable, and often very fast movers.

Now, robotics researchers have built something that is even scarier. It’s a six-legged robot that looks like a spider, but moves faster and more efficiently. Now’s the time to start building an apocalypse shelter.

In order to accurately replicate — and eventually improve upon — the movement of modern insects, the team built complex computer simulation models of bugs and then taught them how to walk. Most insects utilize a “tripod” gait, which allows them to keep three legs on the ground and three legs in motion at any given time, so the team built their virtual bugs to follow suit.

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Terrifyingly troublesome tech that will keep you up at night

From CBT Nuggets:

When Marty McFly made his way 30 years into the future to show us what 2015 might look like in “Back to the Future: Part II,” self-lacing shoes and hoverboards were as common as flat-screen TVs and 3D laser projections.

While Nike is getting close to mass-producing self-lacing sneaker technology, we aren’t quite there yet. Instead, today’s tech experts are working toward self-driving cars, lab-grown organs, and 3D printed food.

We surveyed 500 Americans about their excitement — and reservations — toward technology that might be on the horizon.

Tech that will keep you up at night

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