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Best of 2015: Reader's Favourite Countdown

Top articles of the year.

This year we've seen some major shifts in technology and innovation.

Wi-Fi has invaded every area of daily life — even cars. Virtual reality has exploded to create innovative tech solutions and promises to change the way consumers and businesses interact. Data security, or the lack of it, has shocked those who may have relied on it the most, and hackers have proven how vulnerable our information can be. 

Let's look at the best articles from this past year. We've created this countdown based on your readership, which shows what's getting the most attention in our business community. Counting down to number one, get a glimpse of the best content and click through for the full articles.

Number 5: Learn, Collaborate & Innovate: EPIC Technology Day

EPIC Tech Day has become one of the biggest tech events Manitoba has seen, and it's drawing in IT and tech pros from all over the country. 

"This is your opportunity to collaborate with the biggest collection of IT professionals in Manitoba, and your opportunity to hear their challenges, if they already implemented [certain] products, are they struggling with the same evaluation of products that you are…It's really education and collaboration with your peers."

Get the full story and see photo highlights from the event.

Number 4: Becoming Manitoba's Next Business Leaders

This article gave a breakdown of some of the education options available for entrepreneurs in Manitoba.

“In any good startup you need hipsters, hackers and hustlers,” says Scott MacAulay of Red River College, who is also a co-founder of Winnipeg startup Permission Click.

“The hipsters — that’s your Steve Jobs, the person with the idea. The hackers are your coding and design people. And the hustlers are the business people.”

Learn what programs are offered at RRC, University of Manitoba and University of Winnipeg to help you develop your business skills. Read the full story.

Number 3: 20 Reasons to Start Your Business in Manitoba

We loved this article since it features some pretty incredible resources for local business. Not only for entrepreneurs and startups, these resources are also helpful for pros working in larger corporations or for those just wanting to develop some new skills.

"Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? We’re lucky to live in a province filled with quality resources to help make that dream a reality. Take some inspiration from this list and see what you might have missed in your own backyard."

Get the full story and learn all 20 reasons to get your business started.

Number 2: Manitoba Entrepreneurs: Scam Skate

These guys know business, and their business is skateboarding in Winnipeg.

"Imagine you went to work every day doing something rewarding that you were truly passionate about. Those jobs can be rare, so rather than searching for that elusive role you could create your own. That’s exactly what Portage la Prairie’s Gavin Barrett and Joel Baker did, opening Scam Skate on Graham Avenue in downtown Winnipeg."

Watch the video on how these two young entrepreneurs have rolled into the world of custom skateboard manufacturing and shown us all that there's more to skateboarding that just tricks.

Then read the full story featuring a Q&A with Gavin and Joel.

Number 1: How Did They Get Wi-Fi In That Car?

This question came up all-too-often whenever a new TV ad showed kids in the backseat playing on a tablet or watching their favourite shows. Our interest in practical technology applications can also provide some awesome insight for business pros who are trying to determine what's important to their customers.

So just how do they enable Wi-Fi in cars? Or planes or boats for that matter?! (Check in next year for more to come on those stories).

"As a part-time technology geek, I often take for granted how different types of wireless data connections aren’t always easy to understand for those without the 'I want to be a tech geek' gene. I also find it humorous when my 10-year-old son, my nieces, nephews and the kids' friends all refer to Wi-Fi as this wonderful thing that makes the world a better place. They even argue about who’s Wi-Fi is best with comments like, “My house has better Wi-Fi than your house.”

"Remember the old days when kids would argue over stuff that matters, like whose dad was the toughest? Somehow there was more pride in those arguments despite still having to correct them. Instead, we get to hear statements like, “Awwww, they have Wi-Fi in their car! No fair!”"

Keep reading for the number one story of the year!

Thanks to everyone for reading the MTS Business Hub this year. What were your favourite articles of the year? We'd love to hear your thoughts as we gear up for 2016, so please tell us in the comments below.

Image by Highways on Flickr.

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