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Back to the Future of Shoes: Self-lacing sneakers are here

Future Tech: Plus...say 'Hello' to innovative collaboration tools that double as in-home security, and say 'Goodbye' to the parking boot.

Nike’s new Mags aren’t just for Marty McFly anymore

Nike Mag shoes Back to the Future

“For Nike, yesterday was the culmination of a passion project which began in 2007. It was then that iconic designer Tinker Hatfield, who is behind the most popular Air Jordan models, took on the task of creating an innovative shoe based on the one worn by Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) in Back to the Future Part II. Now, as demoed by Fox himself last year, the Nike Mag is finally more than a film prop, thanks to a self-lacing technology the sportswear giant calls “Adaptive Fit.”

“This is the same pair Nike is giving people a chance to win through an online raffle. Tickets are $10 each and all proceedings are going to The Michael J. Fox Foundation, an organization that’s trying to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease. But, I know what you’re wondering: “Are they the real deal?” Well, I had the chance to try on a pair last night at a private Nike event in New York City and I’m happy to report they didn’t disappoint. …” – engadget

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Hello…it’s me. I’ve been looking for a new collaboration tool to help us speak.

HELLO collaboration tools

Cheesy headline, but it fits. This new device, aptly named HELLO, lets users sit comfortably on their couch while collaborating with the office or almost anyone else in the world.

“With the explosion in apps and devices, current collaboration tools are becoming more disconnected and complex. It is hard to get connected.

“Los Angeles-based software company Solaborate reckons it has designed a “unique and powerful solution” that combines hardware and software to “break collaboration barriers in your office or home”. …

“The device plugs into your TV via HDMI. Use the HELLO app to scan the QR code with the HELLO camera and start to collaborate. …

“You can join a video conference call from any device and then transfer it to the HELLO by swiping. You can add others to the call. …

“The HELLO can act as a remote surveillance unit, sending alerts when you are not home. You can even use the TV to talk to your dog when you are away, or use it to monitor your children. …” – ZDNet

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Parking enforcement gives the boot to the boot

Barnacle parking enforcement

“Returning to your car to find a ticket tucked under the wiper sucks. So imagine how you’d feel finding a six square foot block of yellow plastic splayed across your windshield, rendering it impossible to see a thing.

“The people who made this contraption, called the Barnacle, think you’d feel pretty OK—at least compared to how you’d feel finding one of those infernal boots clamped to the wheel. “With a boot, even in the best case scenario, it’s an hour before someone can come and remove it,” says Kevin Dougherty, president of Barnacle Parking Enforcement. …

“”The Barnacle is a breeze in comparison, weighing in at under 20 pounds. Simply unfold it and stick it on the windshield, aligning it to obscure forward vision. Then use the built-in pump to draw air from the suction cups, creating a vacuum. The integrated GPS signals an alarm if the car moves, alerting Johnny Law to your attempted escape. …” – Wired

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