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A Way to Keep Your Team Connected

There is no question that effective mobile collaboration improves productivity. Your teams need to stay connected wherever they may be working throughout the day.

The Challenge:

Small to medium-sized businesses are always looking for ways to save while ensuring flexibility and choice in their wireless plan. How do you ensure that you’re getting the best plan to keep your team in contact?

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is keeping up with ever-changing mobile technology and innovations in communications while giving staffers the tools they need to respond more quickly to customers’ needs. With that in mind, wireless plans should always be flexible and scalable enough to allow smaller companies to give their employees the communications tools they need to succeed. That should be true no matter where they may be working in the course of a day.

The Application:

A connected staff is a productive staff. Team members need to remain agile and connected whether they’re using a tablet, smartphone or laptop. It doesn’t make a difference if the task at hand is submitting purchase orders, creating presentations or getting a customer a quote on the fly.

Showing off or sketching out a design idea on location for a client on a tablet is a powerful business tool whether you’re a landscape architect or a wedding cake company. As long as you can access all the cloud-based content necessary to bring an idea to life, you’re set. Exclusion from important mobile-device exchanges is simply not an option for anyone running a business. You have to have access to your files, contacts, data and the rest of your team at all times.

In a recent Gartner paper, the research firm discusses increasing employee engagement, agility and effectiveness for business. They stress the importance of adapting to the changing digital workplace which directly relates to how teams collaborate:

Businesses “must build a more social, mobile, accessible and information-driven work environment to exploit rapidly changing business conditions. They must create a digital workplace that: enables new and more effective ways of working; boosts employee agility and engagement; exploits consumer-oriented technologies.”

The Business Response:

What’s especially important for small and medium-sized businesses is identifying the best technology and data plans for their needs. Making the most of text, picture and video messaging can be vital to maintaining connections among staff and with customers to provide excellent service while growing the business. Consider new ways of communicating with your teams and your customers using digital methods you might have reserved only for personal use up until now.

Wireless sharing can help your business achieve better team collaboration. Flexibility is important, but so is value – and having a wireless sharing plan with your provider can help achieve both. The changing needs of a business of any size can be accommodated with the ability to share data across all the devices your team puts to use, whether the task at hand is supporting co-workers, dealing remotely with clients or raising your company’s social media profile.

Stay tuned for a deeper dive into how to help your teams collaborate and make the most of new business technology.

Jason Halstead

Jason is a Winnipeg-based journalist and photographer who has been published across Canadian media.

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