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A robot that folds my laundry!? Now that's smart!

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Would you pay $800 to have a robot fold your laundry?

Foldimate robot

"FoldiMate, a California-based startup, plans to sell a robot costing between $700 and $850 whose primary purpose is to fold your freshly laundered shirts and pants twice as fast as you could do it yourself. It can also “de-wrinkle” them with steam, and “perfume” them as it goes. It’s a pricey answer to a routine chore, yet folding laundry is evidently so odious that the FoldiMate is attracting serious attention, the Wall Street Journal reported." – Quartz

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Zenbo robot costs $599 and will be your kids' best friend

Zenbo Robot

Speaking of helpful robots, another one called "Zenbo" from the company ASUS promises to help you even more around the house.

"It can play music and movies, provide reminders to take medication and head to appointments and help out with various online tasks like, you know, belt shopping. The little ‘bot also has some educational capabilities built in and can help entertain your children when human companions won’t do."

TechCrunch calls it a "bright-eyed little guy who’s something along the lines of a cross between Wall-E and Sico, the robotic butler who had a fairly unsettling relationship with Adrian’s brother Paulie in Rocky IV."

Zenbo is definitely neat, but a little creepy. Check out the below video, which is a little on the long side but shows off some of this robot's skills.

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Nintendo may launch game controller for smartphones

And here's a story for the fun side of tech.

"Early last year, Nintendo announced that it would be venturing into the mobile market. The first Nintendo mobile title released was Miitomo, and we know that Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem games are also on their way. Beyond these announced titles, Nintendo is also going to release games in the action genre. These sort of games require a degree of precision that typical touch-based interfaces cannot deliver. Because of that, Nintendo is considering creating its own smartphone controllers for action titles.

"Nintendo may develop controllers for smartphone games similar to others that are available on the market. However, he also stated that the company would look into whether or not action titles are impossible to play without a controller peripheral. He said that no matter what their plans are, any applications and peripherals will be “Nintendo-like” and tailored for people of all ages." –

Nintendo controller smartphone

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