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5 Must-See High Tech Halloween Costumes

For many of us, Halloween is one of those holidays that takes a backseat until a few weeks before the event when we start scrambling to put together a costume that isn’t the same one we used last year.

For some people, however, Halloween is a big deal. And these dedicated souls spend countless hours planning, preparing and putting together costumes that put store-bought costumes to shame. In addition to planning, sewing, painting and building, these costumes also require special electronics like Arduino microcontrollers or Raspberry Pi’s to make the costumes as close to the real thing as possible.

Below are five over-the-top Halloween costumes fitted with fibre optics, Raspberry Pi, Arduino controllers and more!

1. Ghostbusters Costume with Proton Pack

Ghostbusters Halloween costume

This spot-on Ghostbusters costume comes fully equipped with an Arduino-fuelled proton pack, which has been programmed to tell the pack to blink the same patterns as in the movie.

This dedicated fan put in a lot of extra effort to get his costume looking like the real thing, and he includes instructions for making the pack, where to buy the suit and how to make a kid-sized version.

2. Fibre Optic Fairy Wings

Fibre Optics Halloween Costume

By using an LED circuit and a battery pack, which is then added to a pair of store-bought fairy wings, these wings don’t just sparkle – they really glow! Because the fibre optics can be bent into different shapes, the battery pack can stay hidden beneath the base of the wings, giving this costume accessory a cool, polished look.

Want to add more sparkle to your costume? Why not try connecting the circuit to an Arduino Lilypad for sparkling or blinking lights.

3. Tron Costume

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the iconic costumes from Tron in this list! These light-up costumes make such a statement and are easily recognizable, even if you aren’t a huge fan of the films.

This detailed costume has it all: a colour-changing disc, fibre optics on the costume itself and a voice-changing helmet! While pretty complicated, the tutorial for this costume is really well-documented, and the code is available on GitHub.

4. Doc Brown from “Back to the Future”

While creating a Doc Brown costume is a pretty simple task, if you’re feeling adventurous you can always build your own Delorean Time Circuit and a Flux Capacitor using a Raspberry Pi (Jiggawatts of power not required!)

5. LED Cortana Costume

Cortana is an AI life-form character in the super-popular Halo series. This bodysuit project that features 3D printed parts, a Gemma miniature wearable electronic platform and a Neopixel RGB LED ring to replicate the blinking lights in Cortana’s pixelated body is absolutely stunning. 

What amazing tech-themed Halloween costume ideas did we miss?

Alyson Shane

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