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4 marketing podcasts all SMB owners should subscribe to now

Get deep insights into growing your business by downloading the latest thinking on marketing.

4 marketing podcasts you need to check out

One thing all entrepreneurs are famous for doing (usually to our detriment) is multi-tasking. Neuroscience is unequivocal that trying to do many things at the same time is terrible for our brains — and even worse for the quality of what we’re trying to create.

Unless you group the right types of tasks together.

And this is where podcasts have become a lifeline for time-starved small business owners everywhere. What I love about podcasts is the fact that I can get 30 to 60 minute deep dives into the concepts thought leaders are writing and talking about today — without necessarily having to read an entire book or fly to a conference. And I can learn while I run, cook, walk the dog or declutter my closet.

It allows me to learn in what Tony Robbins calls NET (no extra time). In other words, I can expand my horizons without having to carve out an extra half hour per day to do so.

Today, I wanted to share some of my favourite podcasts on the topic of marketing — an excellent place to start for any entrepreneur.

1. Under the Influence by Terry O’Reilly

 Under the Influence by Terry O’Reilly

There’s a reason why this is Canada’s number one marketing podcast. By the time you’re done, you might actually be drunk with success. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist. )

With decades of copywriting experience under his belt, Terry O’Reilly has worked with celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Alec Baldwin, along with big brands like Nissan, Volkswagen and Tim Hortons. Through his stories, he teaches you how to influence and persuade people in the new age of marketing. Gone are the days of one-way communications and the classic hard-sell, as O’Reilly takes on topics such as modern marketing stunts, real-time advertising and the art of personal branding.

Apple and Android users can listen to it here.

2. Marketing In Your Car by Russell Brunson

Marketing In Your Car by Russell Brunson

Do you wake up dreading morning rush hour? Almost nothing is as mind-numbing as a traffic jam. Everywhere people are rushing, yet nothing seems to move. If you feel like you’re losing precious minutes every day, Marketing In Your Car is your fix.

Russel Brunson attempts to answer this big questions: “How are entrepreneurs like us, who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital, who are spending money from our own wallets, how do we market in a way that lets us get our products and services and things that we believe in out to the world… and yet still remain profitable?”

And Brunson’s advice is so good it might even be better than coffee. Sharing the latest trends in marketing, he reveals the ups and downs of his own business, telling you what works and what doesn’t work, so you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

This podcast is available on Stitcher.

3. Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast by Amy Porterfield

Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast by Amy Porterfield

Have you ever felt like you’re giving too much away in your business — whether that be your time, resources, services, promotions or gifts? On one hand, it’s a great way to attract your ideal clients, but on the other hand it makes you wonder what you have left to offer. Online Marketing Made Easy breaks down how every business can win people over effortlessly — without giving away too much.

Amy Porterfield helps teach “business owners, educators and entrepreneurs the profitable action steps for building a highly engaged email list, creating online training courses, and using online marketing strategies to sell with ease.” All her episodes include actionable tips that you can immediately apply to your business, like in “Free Content vs. Paid Content (What’s the Difference?)” where she explains how to sell more using freebies like expert advice and tips that are packaged and delivered right on your website.

Apple and Android users can find it here.

4. Get Guest Ready by Nicole Holland

Get Guest Ready by Nicole Holland

Get Guest Ready promises to tell you “everything you need to know about how to leverage other people’s podcasts to bolster your authority, brand, visibility, & message for greater impact, influence, & income.” In a nutshell, this podcast teaches you how to be a guest speaker on podcasts. 

Some of your ideal clients are tuning in to their favourite podcasts, and by getting featured on those programs, you can gain free exposure without spending money on ads. By working with an influential podcaster, you don’t need to build your own audience, and you’ll gain additional market credibility. Listeners are already tuning in, so you can focus your efforts on delivering a great guest performance.

Nicole Holland walks you through all the steps to make that happen. Learn how to land a spot in your favourite podcast, how to prepare for your interview and how to leverage your exposure.

This podcast is available on iTunes and Stitcher.

Starting your own podcast

If you’re interested in developing a podcast featuring your business, it’s entirely possible. It can be quite the process, so make sure you’ve got the time and resources available to get started. Follow these tips to see if this medium is right for your business.

Baby Got Booked I also jumped into the podcast world headfirst. (This is the part of the program where I throw in some shameless self-promotion for my own podcast.) I created my Baby Got Booked podcast because I was desperate to find tips and tricks on how small businesses and entrepreneurs could access free press and promotion. That information simply wasn’t available on Google and traditional search — so I created it myself.

Starting the podcast took a lot of hard work. I gathered up my courage, threw open my address book and cold called editors and journalists at some of the biggest media outlets in the world to get interviews and develop stories that people wanted to hear. The strategy worked, and the key was to develop stories that I was passionate about.

Want to hear directly from the Editor-in-Chief at Inc. magazine, telling you how his team chooses contributors? I’ve got you covered. Or want to hear how to pitch the Associated Press? No problem.

As we got deeper into season one, I realized that I wanted to expand the show’s scope to include stories of struggle and success from some of the folks who have inspired me to uplevel my game both personally and professionally. This is what led me to interview successful serial entrepreneur and endurance athlete, Jesse Itzler, whose book Living with a Seal discusses how to cultivate a billionaire mindset. After reading that, I knew I had to interview him. I also interviewed famed psychologist and bestselling author Gay Hendricks on how to expand your capacity for happiness — another favourite episode of mine.

Listen to these episodes on iTunes or from the Baby Got Booked website.

For me, podcasts have been a fantastic way to access mentorship that hasn’t been directly available to me. While they can certainly make your morning rush hour more bearable, these programs do more than entertain you. Their real value lies in transforming your day into something greater by offering insights you can use as shortcuts to success.

Up Next: Feeling inspired to start your own business podcast? Learn more here.

How to podcast for your small business

Geeta Nadkarni

Award-winning journalist, speaker and passionate entrepreneurship advocate Geeta Nadkarni has 20+ years of experience producing print, TV, radio and new media for outlets including the CBC, CNN, Global TV, Reader’s Digest and more and was voted “Best TV Personality” by the readers of the Montreal Mirror. She now blogs for and Huffington Post and is always looking for business success stories to feature in her writing. Her online course, Baby Got Booked teaches entrepreneurs how to do their own PR and has landed students local, national and international coverage within weeks (sometimes even days) of starting. Find out more at and grab some of her free resources or listen to her podcast where she interviews journalists who tell you EXACTLY what they want you to do to get their attention.

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