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2017 Hits: Your favourite articles of the year

Best of the Business Hub: Which articles topped the list? Find out…

Best articles of the year

This year’s most popular articles in tech, IT and business innovation included some creative inventions, advice on professional development, how to keep connected in the digital world and which startup companies were leading their industries. But one of the most important IT and tech subjects kept rising to the top.

That topic was cybersecurity. Readers were interested in how to keep their company (and their devices) safe from hackers and online attacks. In fact, ‘cybersecurity’ was so popular that it claimed the first two spots on our list of top Business Hub articles from 2017. Check out the full list below.

1. Is your phone a hacker target?

Most users have at least basic anti-malware protection on their laptops and PCs, and for the most part, it’s mandatory in the workplace. But users are far less likely to have anti-malware on their phones, whether those phones are issued by the business or if they’re part of a BYOD program where employees use their personal phones for businesses purposes (and who doesn’t, these days?).

Here’s how to protect your smartphone from online spies and cybercriminals.

Is your phone a hacker target?

2. Legendary “most wanted” hacker reveals the latest cybercrime schemes

Renowned hacker and former FBI fugitive Kevin Mitnick brought his hands-on, demonstration-filled presentation on hacking to a packed crowd at the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg. Once on the FBI’s most wanted list after hacking into major corporations, Mitnick is now a trusted security consultant and is paid to hack for Fortune 500 companies and governments around the world.

Learn some of his tricks of the hacking rade, and some of the tradecraft he and his company use in their tests to point out human weaknesses when it comes to cybersecurity.

Legendary “most wanted” hacker reveals the latest cybercrime schemes

3. Teen inventor creates bra that detects breast cancer

An 18-year-old man has invented a bra designed to detect signs of breast cancer, an invention he says could save the lives of millions of people. The “auto exploration bra”, developed by Julian Rios Cantu, contains 200 sensors that spot early signs of cancer.

He was inspired to invent it after his mother’s breast cancer resulted in a double mastectomy after years battling the disease.

Teen inventor creates bra that detects breast cancer

4. What’s it really like to pitch on Dragons’ Den?

This season Meghan Athavale, CEO of LUMO Interactive, was a contestant on the show. She and her team demoed their software platform LUMO Play, which allows any large display to be transformed into an interactive surface. The technology is very cool and has so many possible applications, as seen in the below video.

We caught up with Meghan to ask about her experience on Dragons’ Den — and to find out what advice she’d give to entrepreneurs trying out for the show.

What's it really like to pitch on Dragons' Den?

5. Canada 150: How many of these inventions did you know are Canadian?

INFOGRAPHIC: As we celebrate Canada 150, we look back at the tech inventions and innovations that have made a lasting impact on our country and the world. How many did you know were developed right here at home, and which ones will surprise you the most?

Canada 150: How many of these inventions did you know are Canadian?

6. Why can’t I get hired?

In today’s competitive job market, finding a position for which you’re both qualified and excited about can be a daunting task — let alone actually getting the job. Understanding the “hiring funnel” used by recruiters and HR managers is the first step in a successful job search. This HR pro reveals the biggest mistakes job-seekers make in the application process.

Why can’t I get hired?

7. How did they get Wi-Fi in that airplane?

Which would you rather do without during a plane ride: food or the Internet?

When Inmarsat surveyed 9,000 airline passengers in 27 countries last year, 54 per cent said that if forced to choose, they would forego meal service to keep surfing the Web during their flight. While our craving for connectivity continues to climb – even at 30,000 feet in the air – most of us don’t really know how it works. That’s why we’re here to separate fact from fiction when it comes to sky-high Wi-Fi.

Buckle up and stow away your tray table so we can get started. Here’s how airplane Wi-Fi works.

How did they get Wi-Fi in that airplane?

8. 10 Winnipeg startups you need to know

Winnipeg’s startup scene has been pushing the envelope in a variety of unique, creative and inspiring ways that can only be described as world-class. We’ve seen an app developer striving to preserve Indigenous languages and cultures, a wedding planning service taking bookings and service strategy to a whole new level, and a virtual reality business bringing cutting edge ‘augmented reality’ to the forefront of the digital marketplace.

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest and most exciting Winnipeg-based startup companies.

10 Winnipeg startups you need to know

9. What IT pros need to know about test automation

Automation testing shouldn’t be viewed as a one-size-fits-all solution for quality assurance when it comes to your company’s software. Rather, information technology pros need to take a more tailored approach, deploying both manual and automated testing as best suits their specific project.

This panel of quality-assurance (QA) professionals discussed how to control the process of software testing at your company to ensure you can discover and fix any bugs in your software or website.

What IT pros need to know about test automation

10. “Ghost signs” reveal 4 lessons for planning your next event

Look up. There are close to 150 fading hand-painted ads on the sides of buildings across downtown Winnipeg. As an urban archeologist, I couldn’t help but become fascinated by these incredibly intoxicating signs — some fading into the past and others boldly perched high up on our city’s skyline. 

This summer, I realized my goal by organizing an event called Painted in Light, which brought some of the signs back to life in dramatic fashion — by enveloping those buildings in graphic illuminations after the sun went down.

"Ghost signs" reveal 4 lessons for planning your next event

11. Winnipeg traffic lights get ‘smarter’

The City of Winnipeg’s smart new Transportation Management Centre (TMC) is garnering attention from other municipalities thanks to the speed of its implementation and the cost at which it was realized.

Thanks to the deployment of cellular modems at all of the city’s 650 signalized intersections, the city opened its state-of-the-art TMC earlier this year. At the traffic ‘nerve centre’ city staff can monitor the function of signals in real time and utilize video feeds from more than 70 cameras deployed at strategic locations like major intersections and river crossings as part of the program.

Winnipeg traffic lights get ‘smarter’

12. 10 Hidden Travel Treasures in Manitoba

This year, hop in the car and visit these iconic businesses & attractions in Manitoba. There’s never a shortage of fascinating, fun places to explore. Here are some of the most iconic and unique businesses and attractions in the heart of the Prairies. See how many you’ve visited, then let us know what else you’d add to the list.

10 Hidden Travel Treasures in Manitoba


Thanks for reading the Business Hub throughout 2017. We’re preparing new articles, infographics and videos to tackle the hottest new topics in IT, tech and business innovation. What would you like to hear about in 2018? Tell us in the comments below.


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