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2 Young Professionals Keep Safety & Happiness Top Priority in New Brandon Residence

How this thriving business sets up its internal communications to keep its residents happy and connected. 

Katelyn Rempel, Executive Director, and Brianne Roblin, Marketing Manager are proud of their accomplishments at the new Rotary Villas at Crocus Gardens in Brandon. And rightfully so, as the independent living retirement residence is finding its stride.

We asked these two young professionals about their views on business, technology and advice for other businesses. With a passion for helping others and growing their business, their hard work is bound to make Rotary Villas even more successful. It’s not just about the dollars and numbers though, as these two pride themselves in the happiness of their residents. The positive feedback from those who live at the facility and their families is the mark of a well-run operation.

Click below to read their MTS case study, and scroll down to learn more about these two business pros who are helping keep Rotary Villas run smoothly.

What does your typical day look like?

Katelyn: Generally I’m in the office around 8:00 am when I start with emails. Then I do walk through the building to see how the previous day went with the various departments. I generally talk to five or six residents and hear what’s been going on around the facility. I also help out in different departments as needed; crunching numbers doing marketing and getting our name out there.

Brianne: The days are busy touring residents and families through Rotary Villas and networking with local senior-oriented businesses. As a new business, we try to show people the quality of service that we deliver. We want to have that elegant retirement lifestyle, adapted to our community in Brandon.

I also manage the social media component of the business. And I help out with all the other things in our new building like setting up voicemails, making sure people understand how to use their phones, TVs, helping with movers, getting people settled and accustomed to their new home.

What do you find most rewarding about your role? And what is the most challenging?

Brianne: Definitely working with the seniors who live here and their families is a big reward. My job is rewarding as I get to see our numbers grow, but it’s the ability to help families take some stress off their plates and show how assisted living helps residents become almost independent again.

Since we are brand new, the most challenging thing is setting the standards, living up to them and maintaining them. We really want to develop our team and always be a team of caring professionals maintaining the service that we envision.

How do you stay up to date with trends in your industry?

Brianne: We want to be unique and original in many ways, and we invested in the creation of a menu offering that’s the top of the line. We want to be sure our recreation and activities are focussed to the seniors who are living here. We’ll do what works and be more customer-focused. We’re always listening.

Katelyn: A lot of it is social media and word of mouth. In our demographic, the word spreads quickly. It’s always good to hear what other properties are doing so we book tours elsewhere to learn more. We’re using LinkedIn more to connect with people (connect with Katelyn and Brianne) and we’re part of the Long Term & Continuing Care Association of Manitoba — they’ve got great information and articles.

What would you say is the top skill needed to be a successful businessperson?

Katelyn: Being the person I am, it’s so important to have a strong attention to detail. One of my favourite quotes is, “To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.”

How does technology impact your business? What opportunity do you see when it comes to technology trends and advances?

Brianne: Our social media shows what goes on day-to-day and provides a look inside at what we’re doing here at Rotary Villas. Twitter, Facebook and our website help give information to families and other businesses. It’s our way to keep everyone in the loop. With a limited following at this point, we are looking to build that.

Katelyn: In our demographic we may not be on the cutting edge, but we are looking at bringing in iPads and doing classes with residents. On the business side, we’ve moved into our offices and are learning our technology. As a property management company, we have staff all around the city all the time, so we focus on strong communications on both the business and the residential sides.

In one word, characterize your life as businessperson.

Katelyn: I would say “details.” My life is all about the details. Nothing is ever perfect and people understand that we are a new business just opening. Their feedback is wonderful and we’re always talking about the details.

What advice can you give to other businesses based on your success?

Katelyn: I had a goal in mind during pre-opening. I wanted to open with a full house and get all the growing pains out quickly. But growing slower has given us the opportunity to get over all the details.

The residents are happy and healthy, and the community is growing. So moving slowly isn’t the worst thing. Each day we make it better.

Do you have any business book or blogger recommendation?

Katelyn: Eileen Dickenson from Dragon’s Den is a great resource, with her blogs and books – she’s inspirational for a young professional like me.

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MTS is proud to have Rotary Villas as a great customer.

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